Customer Testimonials

We love to hear what our customers have to say. The more you tell us, the better we can do for you. We always welcome your comments.

My mother  received the very pink roses I sent via Boyd’s. She LOVES them!!
Thank you for making our (Valentines) day. Nancy L
I wanted you to know my daughter in law sent me a photo of the cross. It’s beautiful, you did a great job. Many thanks.  Judy S
Thank you  for helping me navigate this transaction so smoothly despite my residing in Minnesota.  The flowers arrived on time and they are absolutely beautiful.  You have “earned” my place in your business as an on-going client.  Pete C
They are delighted with the arrangement and I am very pleased that it is just what I requested.  Thanks. Shirley A
Thank you!  I appreciate your time today and with making sure a beautiful arrangement got to my friend’s residence in record time! Linda A
Talk about delivering through rain, snow, and so forth ... Please share my thanks to all of the delivery agents who made this happen, and let them know that they made life a little more bearable for a widow who lost her son. Mike J
I had to let you know what a great job and how incredibly helpful Wendy was with my order today. I was really concerned about sending the right thing to my cousin who isn’t feeling well. And b/c my cousin is a man, I wasn’t really sure what to send. She was SO helpful in letting me ask her questions and to evaluate what was best for my cousin. She let me talk it out and she was so patient with me and let me ask her a lot of questions. She was SO gracious! And I truly appreciated that! She didn’t rush me or sound bothered by me. I so appreciated that! She is a wonderful representative of your company. I just had to tell you what a great experience I had with Wendy! Marybeth W
Great customer service, as always - they are so happy with the flowers and you took care of the mix up so quickly Julie D
Thank you. I am told your arrangement is gorgeous.  Thanks for your help with locating the correct building too. Joe P
I had to write to let you know how thrilled I am with your quick response to my online order!
My friends said the plant they received was beautiful. . They have just had a family tragedy  and you managed to put a smile on their faces  even if it was for a moment   
Thank you!   Donna C
The flowers are beautiful. Thank you for helping me out. Alan M.
Thank you. They were Lovely! Annie A
Thank you so much.  He loved them.  I appreciate the fast delivery. Francine V
The flowers were beautiful, thank you very much for such a lovely arrangement, we were very pleased. Sue T
Thank you so much for your help in getting beautiful flowers delivered to a friend in New Jersey today.   Delivery was made in 2 1/2 hours after I placed my order!   I was very impressed and happily surprised. Thank you. Nice doing business with you again. Sylvia F
Just wanted to thank you for the delivery to my wife. They were a big hit. She just arrived and said they are beautiful. Yale P
Thank you so so much the flowers were beautiful. When I called to order the person I spoke to was so kind. Thanks again. Holly M

Thank you the flowers were perfect Elizabeth D
Thank you for making them up so early today.She is delighted and said they were quite colorful. She is very happy.  Anne D
Thank you so much for the quick delivery. They said the flowers are absolutely beautiful. Boyd's Flowers has never let me down. I will continue to be your customer no matter what state I live. Delaware, MD and soon to retire in Florida. Thank you for all you do Amy C
I sent two different friends arrangements today and both friends sent a picture of their flowers.  They look beautiful. Barbara M
I was extremely pleased with the arrangement I ordered to be delivered today. Thank you so much! Susan B
She loved her flowers and was thrilled to receive them.
Thank you for providing such a beautiful small bouquet and delivering so quickly. Judy W
Thank you! My mom  loved the arrangement!  It really brighten her day.  Eileen P
Thank you Boyds for delivering two rose arrangements this morning to out special Moms! They were lovely and both recipients loved them! Carrie S
Awesome service! Andrew M
The arrangement was beautiful and exactly how I envisioned it.  Bright and cheery just like our friend.  Thank you. Cindy K
Thanks, I know ow I can count on you guys every time. Tom R
I have to tell you that my friend, posted a picture of the flower arrangement on Facebook, and I was shocked at the size and beauty of what was created for her.  May be an image of prairie gentian and indoor Thank you SO much! Karen J
Oh my goodness, the flowers were beautiful and better than I had imagined. Thank you so much and appreciate you helping us to be there even though we are in Wisconsin!
So much gratitude. Barb B
Thanks very much. Boyd's is the best! Kathleen G
Thank you for sending my mom another flower arrangement.  She said it was beautiful. Ann D
Thank you so much. He loved the balloons and teddy bear. Maureen P
Thanks so much! I am far from my family in Wilmington and appreciate being able to send a little love so easily! Katherine M
Thank you for the delivery …..My friend  was very pleased with the fruit basket - thank you again for doing this so well  Susan R
I just received a photo from my very happy 95yo family matriarch - the flowers are beautiful!! Thank you for the assist on this special birthday surprise. I appreciate you!   Teri M
Thank you very much – you have been a pleasure to deal with! Lynne M
Just want to know…you guys are the best.  I have been using you for years……..even know that I am in Maryland. Floral arrangements are beautiful and my wife just loves them.  And they arrived in the early morning…so she could show them off all day. William C
Thank you! My Mom loved they flowers. They were beautiful, as always! Renee B
The flowers were amazing!  My wife was totally blown away (and so was I).
Thank You. John L
The flowers exceeded my expectations!  Thank you! Joan S
Thanks, they were gorgeous! Brenda J-R
Thank you for the great service today. Flowers were lovely. Loved the vase! They were delivered quickly and very much appreciated!!!! Pam G
Thank you! The arrangement is beautiful! I saw the photos Karla R
Thank you SO Much...and she sent me a picture of the flowers. They are absolutely gorgeous.
You all are the best. You never have disappointed me yet!!! I'll be back!
Enjoy your beautiful day and stay safe! Linda M
Thank you!  They were delivered first thing in the morning!  The recipient was thrilled, and sent pictures!  Stunning  to say the least! Thank you all!  It’s tough to see the silver linings these days!  Today it was obvious!  Appreciate you all for sharing some joy, and making a Mother’s Day delivery so special, extra special this year! Leigh C
She loves them ! Thank you sooooooo much ! I know online is easier, but I always love speaking directly to you all at the shop! You do beautiful work and I will always have you deliver locally! Pamela T
Thank you so much for the beautiful floral arrangement that you picked out for our new grandson. 
I just saw a picture of them in the double fish bottom container . I am so happy with the flowers .
I live in New York and you were recommended to me. I will use you always as this was my first time.  Thank you again Nancy
Hi. Just wanted to say a huge thank you for delivering my order so quickly to my friend who lost her sister. I requested that the order be delivered as soon as possible and you delivered to her that afternoon. It’s such a crazy time right now and the prompt flower delivery to my good friend was a little ray of sunshine in an otherwise very bleak time for her.Thank you so very much. I truly appreciate the excellent customer service.  Sue J
Thank you so much for delivering beautiful flowers to my mother over the last several weeks.
She has been delighted. Michele A
Thank you so very much. My father asked me to help him order flowers for my mom from him for Mother’s Day. They are mid 70s, high risk, quarantined and this had my mother in tears. Flowers mean so much but more so with how we need to live now. Thank you for taking the time to make this beautiful arrangement.  Dina D
Thank you so much for offering same-day delivery.  I have family in Wilmington, and sometimes I’m not as good at planning ahead for gifts and observations. Rob W.
I wanted to thank you so much for delivery the flowers first thing this morning.  I really appreciate it.  She sent me a picture and they are beautiful! Carol M
Thank you so much for getting the flowers delivered today.
She was truly surprised that flowers could be delivered with the COVID
virus in full bloom .  You  brought  tears to her eyes.We truly appreciate your companies efficiency and customer service. We will tell all of this positive experience. Maria B
Thank you for getting it there today for my friends birthday.  I was told delivery wasn’t guaranteed for today, but you did it and I appreciate your diligence.  That’s why I’m a big Boyd’s fan. Ellen Z
Thank you! Yet again superbly executed. Beautiful, tasteful and elegant. Jeff L
Thank you so much for the beautiful bouquet you did for us yesterday! It was absolutely lovely!!! They went to a wonderful woman who has overcome many challenges and done so much for the agency through her leadership. You made us proud and put a wonderful smile on her face. Donna C
ou recently delivered flowers for me to my mother.  I just want to tell you how wonderfully refreshing it is to do business with folks who take care of people.  Thank you so much for always tending to my orders perfectly, pricing your flowers fairly and providing quality. Priscilla C
Thank you for the great service. The flowers were beautiful.   Deb V
Thank you very much! The family received the wonderful basket. Thank you!!! Kristie W.
We appreciate your delivery today for Shirley's  birthday. Her daughter sent me a picture of the flowers. They look terrific. Your salesclerk was very nice to talk to and followed up with all of our requests.  Thanks for your good customer service. Linda G
The flowers were absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much. Linda M
You even called Mom to confirm delivery!  The flowers still looked wonderful when I left this morning! Day 8!  Thank you and I’ll definitely use your services in the future.  Julie S
Thank you!  Beautiful and arrived so quickly!  Elizabeth F
My sister was THRILLED!!!  Thank you.  Joan S
Thank you!  It was special to see them in person this time.  So often I order them and never know what shows up!  LOL  The arrangement is lovely and most appreciated. Barbara C.
The flowers are gorgeous.  Thanks for doing such a wonderful job. Donna D
Thank you so much! My wife really like her flowers  Thanks again! Bill N
My daughter received her magnificent floral arrangement! They are lovely.  Thank you so much for, once again, making sure my order is perfect. Have a good day. Jonnie H
Thanks for being able to do so on such short notice. Even though you sent a reminder, I forgot all about it. Brenda J
Thank you, Boyds Flowers, for the two beautiful arrangements that you sent to my aunt  and mother  on Friday. My aunt and uncle were amazed that there were 10 varieties of flowers in the arrangement. My aunt said it was huge and beautiful. My mother was also thrilled. Thank you so much!!! Lisa Z
I can’t thank you enough for the lovely spray you put together for my brother’s funeral today, on such short notice. Boyd’s has never failed me or my family when ordering in the past.  The flowers are always gorgeous and lasting, the staff is a pleasure to speak to and I have never heard “we can’t provide that.” Thank you on behalf of myself and my family for your excellent service.  We will continue to recommend you and will mention that you go above and beyond for your customers Margaret T
Thank you so much on a great job!!
I was told that they are gorgeous .Boyd's Flowers will definitely be my to-go flower shop.
Thanks again on a great job!  Brian L
Thank you!   My mom loved the flowers and made a point to say that Boyds always delivers a beautiful piece. Paul Z
Thanks so much for the flowers. They were gorgeous and my friends loved them! Nicole G
The flowers were delivered early this morning and they are beautiful. Thank you!   Robert F
Very impressed with Boyd's!  I called earlier today, and everything I asked for, you quickly agreed to do - including switching the delivery date from next Tuesday to today.  And 45 minutes after we talked, I had a very happy text from my wife.  Very nice, very professional, and amazingly efficient. It was a pleasure to deal with you.  Thank you! John H
The plant package was beautiful, thank you very  much. Curtis R.
Thank you! She sent me a picture as soon as she got it! Very Nice! Marbert S.
My friend just called in tears, saying how absolutely beautiful the flowers.  She was so pleased! THANKS SO MUCH FOR BEING THERE SO I COULD BE A BLESSING TO her on the death of her Father;  Joan B
Thank you very much for taking care of the flowers for me for my Aunt's funeral.  The flowers were beautiful and the customer service was excellent.  Thank you again Debra K
The flowers were beautiful.   Thank you so much for your help! Debbie K
Thank you for providing me with this update and Thank you for your excellent customer service. Cythina W
Thank you for the delivery confirmation. I am on military deployment in Afghanistan and it is a great comfort to me to know the deliveries were timely and correct as ordered.  I truly appreciate Boyd's service in taking my orders, completing the cards as specified, and the follow-up delivery confirmation.  My wife appreciates it as well! Thank you again for going the extra measure to ensure a satisfactory experience. Robert D
Thank you so much for the beautiful bouquet you did for us yesterday! It was absolutely lovely!!! They went to a wonderful woman who has overcome many challenges and done so much for the community  through her leadership. You made us proud and put a wonderful smile on her face. Donna C
Thanks so much for the flowers. They were gorgeous and my friends loved them! Nicole G
Thank you for preparing such a beautiful spray. We are so pleased with your work and professionalism. Catherine G.
Thank you so much. The flowers were beautiful, arrived at a great time and made their day. You guys always do a great job! Loran M.
Thanks so much! Your flowers bring out the Love in Life!! You helped bring a smile to someone who really needed it!! Thanks again! Jim G.
I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful flowers that were delivery on Saturday. Her son sent me a picture of them, and, they were bright and beautiful, just the way I wanted them. Erin M.
My sister received her birthday flowers this morning, She loved them. Despite being around zero degrees wind chill her flowers were delivered in perfect condition. Boyd's Flowers are the best. Thank you! Ed W
I just wanted to thank you for delivering the most beautiful flowers.  They are gorgeous. Karen R
I wanted to tell you that our recipient said you all had outdone yourselves!!
She LOVED the flowers....thank you so much for making her birthday special. Kelli R
What a beautiful arrangement! You outdid yourselves. Thanks. John B
I just want to thank you soooooo very much for the stunning job you did with the flowers. Just speechless! I know you put extra love into them and I am so very grateful.  Thank you for making both of our days!!! <3 Kristin L
I wanted to let you know that the recipient texted a photo of the Tea Cup arrangement you sent and it was truly beautiful.  Thank you so much for making the arrangement special.  She said they made her smile and she needed something to make her smile so desperately on Saturday.  Thank you for helping make such a sad day just a little brighter for my friend.  Gwen D.
As always, your services are prompt and greatly appreciated. Iris B.
Thank you for such great service. Edith P.
Thanks.. my niece just received the beautiful flowers you did for her 50th birthday.. really appreciate your attention to details.. Dennis F
I just want to thank you for sending such a beautiful arrangement to my friend today. She emailed me a couple of photos and it is really pretty! Just what she needs right now. I'll be calling you again soon. Keep doing beautiful flowers! Lisa F.
Thank you very much; such a professional business and I, as a customer, really appreciate it. Christopher M.
Thank you for your professional and cordial manner you handle your company's business. The flowers were delivered this morning.They were appreciated and impressed with the selection and arrangement provided. Thank you. Joseph D
I sincerely appreciate your attention to the order.
I always use your place for all my gift orders . Yolanda K.
Thank you very much, there are lovely. And we all appreciate they were delivered today. Diane P.
Thank you for the easy and speedy service. Diane L.
I ordered a Peace Lily plant for a friend who recently lost her sister. I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you so much. She loved the plant and when I visited on Thursday and saw the plant myself, I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. I have used Boyd’s numerous times and received flowers from Boyd’s and I’ve always been pleased. This plant was absolutely gorgeous. Leaves were shiny. The ceramic fall container was so nice. The lady who took my order on the phone couldn’t have been nicer and the plant was delivered so quickly! In a time where everyone seems to be so negative, I just thought I’d take a minute to pass along how completely satisfied I was with my recent order. Mary Beth W.
Thank you so much for your great customer service. I was told flowers looked great. Diane B
You did a splendid job. The flowers are gorgeous and my sister is thrilled and she loves the polka dot vase. Thank you so much. Juliet S
My mom was completely bowled over yesterday when she saw the beautiful flowers, and she loved the smiley mug! She mentioned there were some purple flowers in the arrangement, which were not in the picture online but which I had discussed the idea of adding with your wonderful employee over the phone; I asked my sister down there to send me a photo, because my mom's reaction to seeing these flowers was priceless and I want to see exactly what she saw. :) So THANK YOU again, from the bottom of my heart. I will certainly be recommending your shop to everyone I know in Delaware. Martha S
Thank you for the confirmation note....And....your good service!! Phyllis P.
Thank you ever so much for accommodating my last minute order! Andrea M.
Thank you so much! My dad loved his gift. Twice now, I have relied on you to send a last minute gift and you guys came through with shining colors. Thanks! Mary K.
Thanks for your help—I always count on you guys! Lynn J.
Thanks very much! You did a great job!!! Suzanne C.
You guys are really really good !!! Phyllis P.
I want to thank you for arranging to send the photo of Michael's flowers. They are lovely. I appreciate you went out of your way to accommodate my request. T. Jones
My Aunt loved the birthday flower arrangement and balloon. She turned 92 years young on Saturday. Thank you for a great job done on the flower arrangement! Pam Pam J.
Once again, your staff has outdone themselves!! The arrangement was beautiful and top notch! I spoke with your clerk and she took great care of the arrangement as she did for my Aunt’s arrangement when she passed. Mary M.
Thank you very much for delivering flowers to my daughter-in-law today. I googled local florists in Claymont and came across your shop. From the moment I called to place the order until the flowers were delivered, I had impeccable customer service. Would definitely recommend your business to family and friends and will definitely be calling in the future. Thank you!!!! Dawn C
Thank you so much. I will always use your service. Doug A
Just a quick follow-up to tell you the flowers looked Amazing last week!!! Thanks as always for going above and beyond! Chad K.
My husband orders flowers for me from you all the time. They are usually delivered to my office and all of the girls always ooh and aah over the arrangements. Laura M.
It was a beautiful arrangement. I will definitely order from you again. Thanks a bumch Emily W.
Thank you all for coming through for me, yet again. Barbara loves the garden and arrangement. Brian B.
I received flowers for my 35th wedding anniversary and they are beautiful. It is now 5 days later and they are as gorgeous and aromatic as the day I received them. Laurie B
Wow. I am so impressed with the service you have provided. Faith R
My family and my wife’s family have placed orders very satisfactorily with Boyd’s Flowers for as long as I can remember, and I am now in my 91st year. Employees are always courteous and most helpful with suggestions. Lloyd T
"THANK YOU!! You are all so very kind and courteous. My flowers arrived this afternoon and they are absolutely beautiful. MADE MY DAY!! Thanks :)" Daphne W.
I wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with the delivery of flowers that we received today. The delivery man was kind enough to ring the bell twice and wait several minutes for me to answer the door. I recently suffered a bad injury so it took me quite some time to get to the door and there was no one else here. Thanks for the great service. The flowers were beautiful too. Mike J
"I just wanted to say thank you to all of the hard working people at Boyd's. I live 3,000 miles away, and I have used Boyd's to send flowers to my mom and my stepmom in Delaware periodically for about ten years. Your arrangements are always beautiful (I get photos!) and delivered on time. Thanks for letting me order Mother's Day flowers at the last minute and not charging me a fortune because I waited. I really appreciate your company. Have a great day!" Desiree R.
Thank you very much.You ARE my florist of choice. Well done as usual. Great flowers. Wonderful people. Jeff L.
I have been using Boyd's a lot this year as my son is a high school senior, so there are many events for which he needs flowers. I have been VERY pleasantly surprised - each time more than the last - with the quality of product and the design itself. I will continue this senior year with Boyd's, along with my future purchases. Thank you for consistently kind and knowledgeable advice. Cindy S.
Thanks for the email confirming delivery. Your company has the most amazing customer service! Charlene W.
Thank you for your excellent service and your floral display. The family loves it. Barbara R.
I ordered flowers for my Wife and daughter at work. My wife said they were some of the nicest flowers she has every received. Thanks! Troy M.
I just got an email from my friend and she says they are BEAUTIFUL! She is a tough customer so you can be proud of the creation!! Brenda M
I saw a picture of the flowers......absolutely beautiful! You have no idea how much this made her day! I will certainly be calling and referring you in the future. Cheryl S.
Thank you so much for the personal touch. We have been customers of Boyd's Flower's for over 14 years. I find my experiences with the staff and there impeccable customer service to be so refreshing weather ordering for a Get Well Wish, or a Funeral Farewell. There is no business in the City of Wilmington like Boyd's Flowers. G. Dalton
Thank you again for the Sunday delivery. The family enjoyed and appreciated the basket. Karen G
My mother, who is now 91, had her wedding flowers done by Boyds. My wedding flowers were also designed by Boyds 37 years ago. We're a multi-generation client. Marie Clawson
"I have been using Boyd's Flowers for several years and have been very pleased. When I order floral arrangements, I know the flowers are going to be fresh and colorful. The fruit basket are filled with a delicious variety of ripe fruit and assorted hard candies. I am also responsible for ordering floral arrangements from time to time at my job, and when it is a local delivery - I know that Boyd's Flowers is my first choice. Thank You" Linda Boeckelmann 2/21/08 .............................. Linda Boeckelmann
I am writing to say, Thank You Thank You for your kindness toward my mother, Josephine C. Davison. She sent you a copy of the flower bill for her wedding 65 years ago. The bill for the flowers from your shop that cost $10.00. She was overwhelmed and oh, so pleased with your kindness. She took pictures and showed all her neighbors her beautiful red roses. Thank you. Mary Jo Davison
Thanks to two family-owned shops and a local distribution center, Boyd's Flowers has maintained a strong following in Wilmington. Arrangements of every kind sell, but despite the brilliance and availability of the world's most eclectic buds--and Boyd's has those,too--owners say you still can't beat a dozen red roses. It's proof we're all a bunch of romantics. Delaware Today Magazine
Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for completing and delivering a last-minute order Dec. 23rd. I live in CA and perused several sites before choosing Boyd's. Your site is extremely well organized and easy to navigate. In addition your availability during 'crunch time' was much appreciated. I also appreciated that the price I saw was the price I paid; no extra services fees, etc. added on at the last minute. In the past I held several floral jobs and know how expensive flowers can be for the consumer. Generally speaking, your prices are reasonable for their markup. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know my recipient LOVED her flowers and I loved the convenience of being able to send them via your site. Thanks again." Mary Spear
I attended a Funeral this morning and saw the flower arrangement that you designed. I want to thank you, as the arrangement was beautiful. I would also add that I ordered the arrangement at the "11th" hour and everything went really well. Thank you again from a satisfied "out of town" customer. Ellie M.
Thanks so much; I appreciate the excellent service. This is the first time we've used Boyd's online, and we will surely do it again! Maria G.
Three times a year my son in Atlanta sends me flowers from Boyd’s. The flowers are always fresh, beautiful and artistically arranged. The people who deliver them are always polite. Nothing makes me happier than to see the Boyd’s truck pull into my driveway. As my husband would say “keep up the good work.” Constance
My husband always gives me flowers on my Birthday, Valentines Day and our Anniversary. They are always fresh and beautiful. Keep up the great work! Anne P.
Thank you so much. We had a call at 6:30pm (English Time) from Lillian - and she loved them. They arrived at 8:20 (EST) this morning - now that's great going! Thank you again - and we'll definitely be using you again in September. You have made a lovely couple in the USA very happy - as well as us - we're overjoyed here in England. Best wishes, Charlotte & Anthony Norris Chesham, England Anthony Norris
Thank you so much for your beautiful service yesterday. My sister loved the flowers and sent me a picture of them. Emma C.
Thank you very much for a very enjoyable experience and the prompt delivery of the flowers. Mark B.
She is delighted and sent a picture of how beautiful they are! Charlene C.
Thank you for the confirmation of delivery. The arrangement was very well received by the recipient! Robert D
Thank you again for delivering a beautiful arrangement to my sister. You always impress! Jennifer X.
I just wanted to thank Boyd’s for my Mother’s Day delivery. I especially wanted to thank your delivery driver, Jay, for getting the flowers to us before 7 am, so that my wife could have them before Church and talking to the kids on the phone. He was extremely quiet leaving them at my door, but I caught him as I was collecting my morning paper. We had a nice chat, and he is a great representative for your Company.
The arrangement was fantastic, and the flowers were fresh! Kudos to Boyd’s on your quality of product and employees! Mike H.