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Posted by Chuck Boyd on December 15, 2017 Floral Design Flowers

2018’s Folk Art Reinvented Flowers

Take a break from the crush of holiday planning and join Boyd’s Flowers in looking ahead to 2018, a time when everything feels fresh and new and as though all things are possible. When we daydream about 2018, it’s about flowers, naturally. We invite you to do the same by taking a peek at International Floral Distributors floral design predictions for next year.

There’s one in particular we want to highlight in this week’s blog. Why? We think you’ll understand once you see it.

The trend forecast includes four approaches, but it’s Folk Art Reinvented that has us really excited. Building on the huge trend toward bright blooms (say goodbye to those muted hues you’ve been seeing in arrangements for the past couple of years), this style is just plain fun. Not only does it make copious use of bold blooms in a pop art palette, but it presents them in unique combinations. Here’s the idea as expressed in our Tres Chic Table.spring flowers

Folk Art Reinvented calls for a hippie-meets-country chic look, where there’s a pairing of polished, contemporary-looking blooms with wildflowers. These designs involve a lot of personality, and emphasize both artistry and a free-form nature. It’s an upbeat and youthful look – two things that really resonate in the new year. Let us at Boyd’s Flowers help you bring a little funky spring to your step by incorporating the this trend in your home in 2018.