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Posted by Chuck Boyd on September 16, 2013 | Last Updated: September 4, 2019 Tips & Tricks What to Send

3 Fun Facts About Sunflowers

sunflowersSunflowers are beautiful flowers. They are large, bright flowers that put smiles across people’s faces when they come across them. The sight of rows upon rows of sunflower fields in bloom can be truly inspiring. Other than being a beautiful flower, sunflowers have also been used as a source of food by Native Americans, and the oil that came from the flower was able to soften leather, condition hair and treat wounds. This wonderful plant is more than just a beautiful flower to look at, it is also a versatile flower with a unique history and many interesting characteristics.

The uniqueness of sunflowers makes them such a precious gift for someone special in your life. Since the sunflower is such a versatile and interesting flower, sending someone sunflowers tells them that they are truly special to you. This “Signature Fall” collection from Boyd’s Flowers, the premier Wilmington flower delivery store – is a stunning selection this season for someone you love.

Here are three fun facts you probably didn’t know about sunflowers:

1. Sunflowers are Actually Many Flowers

Did you know that although the sunflower looks like one main flower, it is actually host to hundreds of tiny flowers called florets? At the top of the stem is what is known as the head of the flower. The yellow petals provide leaves that cover the head of the flower until the florets finish growing. The center of the sunflower where the florets bloom is actually filled with hundreds of flowers, all growing individually. Each of these florets can become another sunflower if planted.

2. Sunflowers Track the Sun

The sunflower belongs to the genus Helianthus annus. “Helios” translates to sun in Greek and “annus” means the flower is an annual. The sunflower is the only flower that actually tracks the sun’s position in the sky.

3. Sunflower Oil is Very Useful

Sunflower seeds are popular, but have you ever heard of sunflower oil? Sunflower oil is as versatile as the sunflower itself. By pressing the seeds of the sunflower, you can extract sunflower oil. This oil can be used for cooking, manufacturing of products, machinery lubricants and more. Experiments have shown that sunflower oil may be a possible fuel alternative!

Who knew such a pretty flower could do so many things?