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Posted by Chuck Boyd on July 19, 2019 | Last Updated: July 25, 2019 Back to School Flower Gifts Gifts Plants

5 Items College Students Don’t Realize They Need

Gifts for College Students

College students are returning to campuses soon and this is a great time to celebrate their independence and pursuit of knowledge. Sending or bringing useful gifts they may not realize they need is a great way to encourage them and set them up for success. Whether it’s something fun, meaningful, or helpful, students will know you’re thinking of them. The design experts at Boyd’s Flowers have created a list of items your student may not even realize they need but will be so glad to have. 

Flowers & Gifts Baskets Show You Care

Sunflowers and blue hydrangeas in blue vase. beautiful blue hen bouquet

Surprise Treats Of all the things students need, they most need to know you care. Send a gorgeous bouquet or spirited gift to brighten their room and face.





Send your University of Delaware student our Blue Hen design, created specifically to honor our heritage of the first Delaware regiment in the Revolutionary War, University of Delaware mascot and our state bird! Blue delphinium and hydrangea are contrasted with yellow carnations and sunflowers in a cobalt blue glass vase. What a spirited welcome to college!

mug full of colorful flowers with fun saying - "stay away until this mug is empty"




For your coffee lover, our fun Stay Away mug filled with fresh blossoms will be a welcomed sight! With the words, “Stay away until this mug is empty” adds a sassy flair to your student’s morning. 




Large Gift Basket full of crackers, sausage, cheeses




For study breaks, late-night noshing and a little bit of fancy in a fast-food college world, send our Galloping Gourmet to your student. Filled with cheese, crackers, cookies and more, this basket will more than satisfy every snacking urge. 


Other Gifts

Tablet with accessories While laptops are essential for college life, tablets with protective cases, portable keyboards and extra chargers can make like much more convenient. Consider helping your student navigate classes and study sessions more easily with their own tablet. 

Laundry aides Love it or not, laundry is simply a fact of life. As students navigate communal laundry facilities in their dorm or apartment, give them the tools they need to make this chore as simple as possible. Easy-to-carry laundry bags, hangers, storage containers and reusable dryer balls will make laundry life much easier.

A safe Protect sensitive documents, financial statements and emergency cash with a small safe that can be tucked away under a bed or in a closet. Students come and go in dorms and apartments often, so having a locked space for valuables is important.

Storage systems Help students create order in their small space with storage containers in varying shapes and sizes. They’ll be able to make the most of their dorm room without sacrificing the comforts of home.

Let your student know how much they mean to you when you send gifts and flowers that let them know you care. Talk to the design experts at Boyd’s Flowers for more great ideas to send to your college student. They’ll love receiving a thoughtful surprise, and you’ll love knowing you’ve encouraged them along their way.