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Boyds Flowers

Posted by Chuck Boyd on October 6, 2018 Plants

A Bit Of Green For Bosses Day

For October 16, Boyd’s Flowers has some workplace advice: give your boss a gift.

Officially designated National Bosses Day in the 1960s, this occasion was dreamed up by a plucky employee who wanted to honor her boss, who also happened to be her dad. Since then, we’ve reserved this date to acknowledge the often undersung efforts of our mentors, leaders and guides. Naturally, we think a plant gift is in order. And possibly a workplace party.

Choose something that isn’t too big and will fit beautifully on a desk like our Ceramic Dish Garden. With just a touch of subtle color, this plant offers a clean, modern look to an office space, and most importantly, it introduces a lot of green. In the workplace, natural things can be hard to come by, and the benefits of introducing a plant in terms of air quality and stress-level have been well documented. This is truly a gift that goes a long way.

Ceramic dish garden will include a combination of green plants. Gift arrives with bright flowers in water vials for a splash of temporary color. Approximately 16

Be thoughtful this National Bosses Day and honor yours with a thoughtful gift that will brighten up the workplace, offer some health benefits and sow a little goodwill in the process.