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Posted by Chuck Boyd on May 5, 2017 | Last Updated: February 18, 2021 Mother's Day

Amazing Mothers Who Changed the World

Every mom is special and brings her own gifts to the world. However, there have been some Mothers throughout history that truly changed the way life is lived – and for Mother’s Day, we thought we would look at a few of these amazing ladies.

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Here are a few stories of incredible mothers, and the influence they had on the world.

In Science:

In 1911, nuclear physicist Marie Curie won a Nobel Prize to recognize her for her work in radioactivity. Years later, her daughter Irene won a Nobel Prize as well, in the field of Chemistry. Irene said of her mother, “she instilled the importance of hard work and having a purpose to work for – but science was not seen as the only avenue in which to pursue it.”

In Social Justice:

While escaping slavery, Sojourner Truth was able to save her infant daughter but learned that her 5-year-old son Peter had been sold to a man in Alabama. She retained a lawyer, filed a lawsuit, and won her case, getting her son back. This was the first time in history that a black woman successfully challenged a white man in court. Truth became a Christian preacher in New York City and spoke most often about abolition and the Bible.

In Humanitarian Efforts

Kathy Headlee, had six biological children when she adopted a seventh child from Romania. Her experience inspired her to start Mothers Without Borders. The organization brings mothers together to help orphaned children around the globe. In 1992, she led a group of volunteers to distribute relief supplies to orphanages and caregivers in Romania; since then, Mothers Without Borders has sent volunteers to help children in Bolivia, Bosnia, Guatemala, India, Mexico, Zimbabwe, Uganda, and Nepal.

These are just three of the thousands of mothers who made a significant impact not only on the lives of their own children but on the world at large. Of course, there is no mother more influential in your life than your own – and the expert floral designers at Boyd’s Flowers look forward to helping you to honor her! Shop our Mother’s Day collection or stop by to discuss the best flowers to touch your Mom’s heart.

Because throughout all of history, and through all the accomplishments – there has been no one like her.