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Boyds Flowers

Posted by Chuck Boyd on September 1, 2015 | Last Updated: October 2, 2020 Flowers Summer

Aster Fun Facts

asterDo you have a friend with a birthday in September? If an arrangement of flowers is on your gift list, you’ll want to make sure the blooms you choose include asters since the aster is the official birth flower of September. The aster resembles a daisy, but it comes in several brilliant colors like purple and pink, and they fit well into virtually any arrangement from Boyd’s Flowers.

The Aster: A Fascinating History

The aster boasts a rather colorful history that features a Greek legend and a goddess’s love of the stars. The legend says that a goddess named Asterea loved the stars, but she was sad that stars weren’t on earth as they were in the sky. She was so distraught that she began to cry, and each time a tear fell to earth an aster grew in its place.

Asters would also see an honorable role when they became the flower used by the French to remember soldiers killed in battle. Placing an aster on the grave of a fallen soldier was meant as a wish that the soldier hadn’t met his end in combat. Today, asters have continued their role as meaningful blooms as the official flower for September birthdays.


Creating a Bright and Cheerful Arrangement

Before the cold, short days of winter arrive, arrangements of asters, carnations, and roses are ideal for celebrating the beautiful colors of autumn. In their bright pink and purple hues, asters make September a beautiful month as Delaware says goodbye to the last warm days of summer. Imagine a bright vase of yellow roses, purple asters, and red mini carnations in a clear glass vase. It’s like a beautiful meeting between the summer and fall.

Asters are also a lovely addition to an arrangement of purple and lavender flowers, particularly when they’re included in a modern cube vase arrangement. Visualize the beauty of purple roses, blue iris flowers, and purple asters in a trendy block vase of leaf-lined glass. Asters are beautiful whether they’re celebrating a modern, “modish” approach to flower arrangements or are part of a classic, traditional spray.


If you have a friend or family member with a September birthday, make sure asters are part of the flower arrangement you send for their special day. You might choose to feature asters in a desktop arrangement for delivery at your friend’s work. A vase of asters, carnations, and roses would also look beautiful as a featured arrangement at a birthday party.