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Posted by Chuck Boyd on August 21, 2017 Birthdays

Asters & Sapphires to Celebrate September Birthdays

September birthdaysSeptember birthdays are a celebration in blue!  The birth stone of the month is the brilliant sapphire – and although the gem occurs in many colors, it is the iconic blue which inspires us for birthday bouquets and gifts. True blue flowers can include delphinium, larkspur, forget-me-nots, blue iris and hydrangea – as well as blue asters, which are especially appropriate as asters are the birth flower of September. The designers at Boy’s Flowers have crafted beautiful arrangements both with blue accents, as well as with asters , and whichever you choose, you’ll know your September birthdays will be amazing.
Sapphire Trivia:

  • Sapphires were first discovered in the mountains of India and Thailand, although they have since been found around the world, including in North America. 
  • Rulers in Ancient Persia believed the blue sky was a reflection of the sapphires upon which the earth rested. 
  • Some religious scholars believe that the Ten Commandments were written on sapphires.
  • Today sapphires represent wisdom, truth and purity.

September birthdaysFast Facts About Asters:

  • Asters are believed to be an enchanted wildflower that are said to represent love and patience.
  • The aster is similar to the daisy and the sunflower. It is a composite flower made up of hundreds of miniature blooms.
  • Asters get their name from the Greek word for “star,” due to their star-shaped petals surrounding a yellow center.
  • Some ancient cultures believed that burning asters would ward off evil spirits.

September birthdays

As you consider which flowers will make an appropriate gift to celebrate upcoming September birthdays, think about flowers in shades of blue, particularly asters or others that echo the attraction of sapphires. For more ideas, or to design a custom arrangement, talk to the floral experts that Wilmington residents have trusted for years – the team at Boyd’s Flowers.