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Autumn Blooms in Autumn Hues

Finding the trending colors of the fall season is as easy as taking a walk outside. As you stroll through your neighborhood and soak in the beauty of Mother Nature, your eyes will be met with green, yellow, orange, and red fall foliage. Or perhaps you find yourself exploring a farmer’s market where you spot a variety of fall fruits and veggies, like green and red apples, orange pumpkins, and yellow squash. Or maybe you head to your favorite local florist and marvel at the fall blooms that fill the space. However you stumble upon this season’s signature colors, your friends and experts here at Boyd’s Flowers, the best florist in Wilmington, are sharing popular fall flowers that inspire trending hues of the autumn season.

What Colors Are in Season?


When you think of roses, you may think of the romantic red beauties that warm your heart when received from a loved one or while you spoil your sweetheart. While red roses are perfect throughout the year, when arranged with orange roses, yellow roses, and white roses, they become a fantastic fall flower. An autumn rose arrangement that includes the colors of the season is certainly a magnificent addition to your home.


A representation of joy, longevity, happiness, and love, chrysanthemums are a fall flower that you cannot miss. These autumn queens bloom in shades of yellow, orange, red, and purple, bringing your favorite fall colors to life. Whether you notice your chrysanthemums on your neighbor’s front porch or marvel over their daisy-like petals in your own home, they are sure to bring a fresh feeling of fall to your day.


While many picture sunflowers as happy and cheerful yellow blooms, we would be remiss to not acknowledge the many shades of sunflowers. This autumn, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for sunflowers with red, pink, purple, brown, and white hues. They can be unique features in your fall home decor or brilliant and novel gifts for friends, family, and hosts of your next dinner party.


These gold wildflowers begin to pop up on hillsides, in gardens and meadows, along roadsides, and even in autumn floral bouquets. Some would agree that from afar goldenrod resembles tiny corn on the cob, another classic and popular indicator of the fall season. However, up close, the fluffy yellow plumes of goldenrod are truly one-of-a-kind.


It’s no surprise that marigolds have been chosen as the official birth flower for October. Their warm, golden, and uplifting hues of yellow, orange, and sometimes red helps to paint the world in brilliant fall shades. Marigolds also resemble carnations and daisies, two very popular flower types admired for their full-body blooms and motivating colors.

While there are countless fall flowers that we admire and enjoy during the autumn season, we would be wrong to claim that these are our only favorites. To find more warm, comforting, and uplifting blooms to bring home this season, we encourage you to browse our online collection to visit us in-store here at Boyd’s Flowers. Whether looking to enhance your autumn home decor or give the gift of fall flowers to friends and family, our team is at your service. 

Gorgeous collection of fall flowers in dark vase with wooden leaf toggles, includes roses, carnations, daisies and alstromeria. ** out of town vase may vary **

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