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Posted by Chuck Boyd on July 6, 2017 | Last Updated: October 2, 2020 Flowers hydrangea Summer

Beautiful Summer Hydrangea

It’s summertime, and seasonal flowers are in full bloom everywhere you look. You can bring the beauty of the outdoors in, and display beautiful arrangements throughout your home, with the help of Boyd’s Flowers. We have some great ideas for summer decorating, so shop our collection of summer floral designs or talk to one of our design experts. One of our favorite summer flowers to design with is the hydrangea – these showy blooms are as bright and colorful as they are versatile.

Because they bloom from early spring to late autumn, hydrangea are an excellent summer flower. They are most often seen in shades of blue and pink, and interestingly enough, those shades are determined by the Ph levels of the soil, not by the variety of plant.  Different hybrids and lighting variations can also result in white and green varieties, although these are not nearly as common worldwide.
summer hydrangeaThe full, generous bloom of the hydrangea is most often seen as a “supporting character ” in mixed bouquets but is also lovely on its own. You can create completely different looks, depending on how you choose to arrange your hydrangeas. Place several full “pompoms” in a galvanized bucket for a rustic country presentation that looks great on a long wooden coffee table. Or try placing bright blue hydrangea in a pitcher or Mason jar to create a French countryside look.

Loved the World Over: Hydrangeas were originally discovered in Japan, but they can be grown virtually anywhere, from Asia to America.

However, you choose to decorate this summer, trust the design experts that have been adding beauty to Wilmington homes for years. The professionals at Boyd’s Flowers will go above and beyond, delivering the season’s best flowers right to your doorstep.