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Posted by Chuck Boyd on January 9, 2020 | Last Updated: December 23, 2020 Flowers Valentine's Day

Benefits of Ordering Valentine’s Flowers Before the Big Day

It’s January, and the most romantic day of the year is just around the corner. Since Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it, our florists at Boyd’s Flowers are here to remind you to make plans and get organized early to ensure you and your special someone enjoys a wonderfully romantic day together. 

A dozen red roses arrive designed in a glass vase with lush foliage,

Wrap It Up

Why Order Early for Valentine’s Day?

Save Money

When you order your Valentine’s Day flowers early, you can take advantage of major January incentive discounts and save money. Maybe saving money doesn’t seem like a romantic idea to you, but it’ll be very romantic when you put the extra dollars toward a fancy date.

Product Availability

Millions of bouquets will be delivered on Valentine’s Day this year, which means the most popular flowers, colors, and designs sell out fast. When you order early, you’ll have your pick of the entire selection, ensuring your sweetheart receives your first choice of flowers.

Pink Roses

Pink Roses

Make Your Loved One Feel Special

Clearly, forgetting your loved one on Valentine’s Day is NOT a good idea! It’s also not a good idea to remember at the last minute. When you order flowers early, you’ll show your special someone that they’re your first priority and that they’re always on your mind. Plus, you’ll make them feel extra-special when they’re the first one at the office to receive a Valentine.

Delivery Availability

The busiest day of the year for florists is also the busiest day of the year for flower delivery drivers. Ordering early will ensure you’re able to schedule your flower delivery for the best time of day.

How Early Should You Order Your Valentine’s Day Flowers?

In January, we will honor year-round pricing, which equals big savings! Our floral shop is ready and stocked for Valentine’s holiday. Most orders start coming in around the middle of January, so we recommend ordering your flowers by the end of the month to ensure you’re able to get the best prices and your first choice in flowers, colors, and designs.

Red Equadorian roses, enhanced by fragrant dutch lilies.

Dutch Upgrade

The Best Reasons to Shop Local for Romantic Flowers

When you choose a local florist for your special occasion flowers, you can order and feel confident that you’ll receive a high-quality arrangement of fresh flowers. When you order from a local shop, you’ll deal directly with a florist working at the flower shop where your flowers will be arranged, which means no detail will get lost in translation. With a local florist, you can expect accountability and a special personal touch.

Plus, you’ll have greater access to discounts and won’t incur any unexpected delivery or processing fees on your order. You’ll also have the ability to order a special product, flower, or individually customized arrangement.

Order Your Valentine’s Day Bouquet Online and Earn Points Toward Your Next Special Occasion

When you order online, you’ll be able to browse our selection of the floral Valentine floral designs. Plus, you can order online and earn reward points that you can put toward your next floral purchase.

We also welcome customers to order over the phone or to stop by our flower shop for personalized assistance and recommendations. Our expert florists at Boyd’s Flowers can help you select the perfect floral arrangement to give your special someone on Valentine’s Day.