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Posted by Chuck Boyd on August 5, 2020 | Last Updated: April 26, 2022 Flowers

Best Smelling Flowers to Send Someone

Flowers are truly remarkable – not only are they beautiful, sumptuous, colorful, unique, and fleeting, but they also have wondrous scents we just can’t get enough of. Not all flowers have pleasant aromas, but those that do have been captured in bottles. There’s nothing like getting the scent from the original source, though, which is why we created a list of some of the best-smelling flowers for you to send someone or send to yourself. 

Best-Smelling Flowers


Pink and Purple Hyacinth


Burstin forth in colorful dense clusters, Hyacinth flowers have a highly fragrant aroma that is sweet, robust, and earthy. They come in a range of colors from pink, lavender, and white, and are a favorite of florists and gardeners alike. The Hyacinth’s scent intensifies as it blossoms becoming more potent and pleasing.


Freesia Flowers


Freesias have a fruity scent similar to fresh strawberries. These delicate multi-colored blossoms with their sweet, airy fragrance have made them one of the world’s most popular flowers. The scent of Freesia is commonly found in soaps, lotions, and perfume. Its elegant aroma pairs well with other scented flowers such as peonies and roses.


Colorful Roses


With a rich, luxurious scent, roses are often the go-to bloom for when you’re looking for a wonderful-smelling flower. Roses can have many different scents, though. Dark-colored roses have a stronger, more perfumey aroma that many people are familiar with. Light-colored roses, however, tend to have a citrusy and fruity scent. Roses have been cherished for centuries and were highly admired in the ancient world for their beauty and fragrance. Roses are also considered therapeutic as breathing in their sensual aroma relaxes and clears the mind.


Pale Pink Peonies


Not only are Peonies a lush, sumptuous flower that comes in soothing, gorgeous colors, but they also have a fresh, sweet aroma considered to be one of the best smelling floral aromas around. Depending on the variety, some Peonies smell stronger than others and their fragrance can range from sweet and rosy to citrusy. Typically, white and pink peonies are the most fragrant while red ones don’t have much of a scent at all.


Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea

A flower with a fragrance so pleasant that is often found in lotions and other bath products, Sweet Peas have a delicate, pretty scent. With fragile petals colored in white, pink, and purple, the lovely Sweet Pea emits grace and elegance. Since their scent is not too overpowering, Sweet Peas are a great flower to pair with other aromatic blooms.


Stargazer Lily


Lilies are known for having one of the strongest aromas you can find. These large, dramatic flowers come in variety of different colors and species, which affect how fragrant it will be. For example, Starfighter lilies ae the most powerfully scented lilies with a strong, honey-like sweet scent, and Sonata lilies have a more light and delicate smell. Rose Lilies have the fairest scent of all that you can barely catch a whiff of when passing it under your nose.


Lavender Flowers


Lavender is an herb with beautiful, dense clusters of dark purple flowers that have a soothing, relaxing, and pleasant smell to them. The scent of lavender has been used for centuries in soaps, perfumes, scented waters, and oils.


Red Equadorian roses, enhanced by fragrant dutch lilies



There is nothing else quite like flowers…. which is why they are so special and lift the spirits of all who are around them. At Boyd’s Flowers, we strive to provide all our customers with the most striking floral arrangements and gifting options available for all flower lovers. If you’d like help in picking out a perfectly-scented floral bouquet for someone special, give us a call, we are happy to help.