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Posted by Chuck Boyd on June 28, 2016 | Last Updated: September 28, 2020 Summer

Birthstone Flowers for July Birthdays

july birthdaysEach month has its very own specific birthstone, and over the centuries, these stones have held different connotations. Throughout history these gemstones were believed to hold mystical and spiritual powers; there are still several cultures that hold these beliefs to be true. The month of July has the honor of being assigned the coveted red ruby as its birthstone, which has long stood for prosperity and good health. The ruby is also thought to bring great peace, probably because of its legendary ability to ward off nightmares, evil spirits, and conquering warriors. Do you believe in magic?

In honor of the July birthstone, our floral designers have created arrangements featuring the equally elegant and timeless red rose – the flower shares the elements of passion and desire that the ruby embodies, and is also considered one of the rarest and precious of its kind. Let’s face it; you may not be able to give rubies to your friends and family celebrating this month, but you can certainly give them ruby-inspired creations from the talented Wilmington-based designers at Boyd’s.

july birthdays july birthdays

Another beautiful symbol of July birthdays is the bright blue delphinium, this month’s birth flower. Although you may not know this blossom’s name, you are probably very familiar with its gorgeous flowers, which often grace wildflower bouquets and provide a cool backdrop for many other more bold flowers. The floral experts at Boyd’s can create a birthday bouquet for you that celebrate your loved ones – with a whimsical vase and brightly colored ribbons, simply add ruby red flowers and blue delphinium for the perfect July arrangement!

The designers at Boyd’s Flowers are the perfect resource to help you create beautiful floral creations that are special and symbolic to you.