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Posted by Chuck Boyd on March 8, 2016 | Last Updated: October 2, 2020 Plants

Boyd’s Flower Shop – Earth Day 2016

earth dayAlthough humanity has always appreciated our connection to the Earth, in the last 6 decades activists and environmentalists alike have shown renewed diligence in raising awareness regarding environmental issues. Two men, in particular, are remembered for taking the fight for conservation, peace, and justice to the mainstream. In 1970, John McConnell, a San Francisco journalist and activist, convinced his friend the mayor to declare the Spring Equinox as the first official Earth Day. Later that same year, U.S, Senator Gaylord Nelson organized a grassroots effort to educate and motivate people – especially college students – to political action to promote environmental interests. Nelson’s initiative was strikingly successful, as 20 million Americans took to the streets in a concerted effort. So although McConnell was first, and even had Equinox Earth Day sanctioned by the United Nations; Nelson’s April 22nd observance has remained the popular favorite.


Every integrated part of our environment’s ecosystem is extremely important for the ongoing longevity of our planet. Plants and flowers comprise an essential component that is critical to the health of the environment – we literally could not survive without the air quality benefits that plants provide. In celebration of either Earth Day, adding more greenery to your immediate space will be a constant reminder of the amazing good that plants contribute to our lives.

earth day

Earth Day is celebrated in communities across the nation, including right here in Wilmington. One of the local events taking place is at the Delaware Museum of Natural History. There will be plenty for the entire family to enjoy, focusing on practical ways to make a difference in the environment. Great eco-friendly games, crafts, and activities will not only bring awareness but will provide a great day of fun for your family.


Boyd’s Flowers loves the Earth and her beauty every day – but on Earth Day, we especially love spreading the awareness of how important plants and flowers are to our lives. Come in today and adopt a plant for Earth Day!