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Posted by Chuck Boyd on February 1, 2016 | Last Updated: August 4, 2016 Flowers Valentine's Day

Boyd’s Flowers- Valentine’s Day Flowers

valentine's day flowersOn Valentine’s Day, nearly half of us will either purchase a bouquet to hand carry to our loved one; or order a delivery from the local flower shop. Because flowers are such a traditional and familiar gift to give on this romantic holiday, people often procrastinate until the last minute to choose an arrangement and schedule a delivery, But Boyd’s Flowers would like to point out a few facts that should encourage you to order your Valentine’s Day flowers early – and to make sure they arrive with plenty of time to spare.



Did you know that the vast majority of people will wait until the last few days before February 14th to go online or call a florist? This means that those who set up an order a few weeks in advance have access to a greater selection of beautiful flowers, and their choice of delivery dates and times. Not only that, but at Boyd’s Flowers, early birds can take advantage of better pricing until February 8th – so what are you waiting for?


valentine's day flowers

  • Call today to order the most vibrant and beautiful flowers available – you won’t have to settle for “what is left.”


  • Schedule your delivery for Friday the 12th instead of waiting until the 14th – give your loved one a romantic start to an amazing weekend.


  • Consider sending to their place of business on Thursday or Friday; everyone loves getting flowers at work, and they will have extra days to enjoy their bouquet. We even have arrangements specially designed to fit in at the most sophisticated office.


This Valentine’s Day, don’t be afraid to take the initiative to be bold and be early! Your sweetheart will love that you couldn’t wait to prove how much you love them. Boyd’s Flowers is ready today to speak with you and to set up your Valentine’s gifts for everyone you love. And just think, after you order, your shopping is over – no crowds, no chaos, and no inflated prices. This is how Boyd’s Flowers makes Valentine’s Day a holiday you will love.