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Posted by Chuck Boyd on July 6, 2015 Flowers Summer Sunflowers

Bring Sunshine Anywhere With Sunflowers

sunflowersIf you’re looking for the perfect symbol of summer, you’ll definitely want to think about getting a cheerful arrangement of sunflowers. These perfect yellow flowers are a terrific choice whether you’re decorating the entryway of your home, or you’re getting flowers for a backyard party.

American Indians originally cultivated sunflowers as a crop that was used for many things like dye for textiles, flour for food, and various medicinal uses. Originating in North America, sunflowers eventually spread around the world and became popular around Europe and Russia. It later gained popularity as an oil crop, a birdseed crop, and as a snack food. 


Day at the Beach

Today, sunflowers are popular across the planet as a summer flower, and they’re a frequent addition for summer bouquets and decorations. Sunflowers stand well on their own, and they also look lovely with other summer flowers like yellow roses, orange carnations, or beautiful blue delphinium like in our Day at the Beach arrangement.

Summer flowers beautify any occasion for summer celebrations and parties, as well as when you want to say “just because” and brighten someone’s day. Nautical Nights is a beautiful representation of summer with mums and bird of paradise, giving it a tropical feel that is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.  


Nautical Nights

Decorating with flowers is fun at any time of the year, but sunflowers are a particularly happy way to dress up your summer party whether you’re celebrating with hotdogs and potato chips or tea and crumpets. Our professionals at Boyd’s Flowers will help you design the perfect sunflower design for any summer celebration you may be having.

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