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Posted by Chuck Boyd on November 6, 2019 | Last Updated: October 2, 2020 Flowers

Bring the Perfect Host Gift to Thanksgiving This Year

It’s the time of year when celebrating friends and family is at the top of everyone’s mind. Whether you’ll be gathering for a Thanksgiving dinner, Friendsgiving meal, or both, it’s important to spend the day celebrating all your loved ones, and especially your holiday host! At Boyd’s Flowers, serving Wilmington and the surrounding areas, we want to remind you that you can make your hostess feel extra-special by bringing a thoughtfully chosen hostess gift. When it comes to choosing a host gift for any type of Thanksgiving celebration, our clever florists have you covered!

Why It’s Important to Remember a Hostess Gift

On a day when we’re all busy counting our blessings, don’t forget to count your holiday host or hostess! Even if you’re attending a potluck-style Thanksgiving dinner, it’s still a lot of work to prepare one’s home, kitchen, and table to welcome so many guests. You can show your gratitude and generosity by choosing a heartfelt gift for your hostess.

Celebrate Your Host or Hostess with the Best Gift Ideas for Any Thanksgiving

1. Friendsgiving

purple candle

Scented Candle

Friendsgiving is a Thanksgiving-like meal prepared just for buddies! It’s typically celebrated on the Wednesday before or after Thanksgiving Day, or sometimes on Thanksgiving Day itself if no one plans to go home for the holiday. Friendsgiving meals are typically less formal and more relaxed, so you feel free to have fun when selecting your hostess gift. Consider the following ideas for your Friendsgiving host:

  1. A party game to play when the meal’s over
  2. Bath bombs, bath salts, or fancy soaps to help your hostess unwind after all the work
  3. Kitschy holiday items, like stuffed turkeys, owls, or pumpkin-themed keepsakes
  4. Thanksgiving-themed kitchen towels
  5. A bottle of wine or your friend’s favorite spirits
  6. A potted plant or succulent to enjoy long after the meal’s over
  7. A seasonally scented candle for a home that always feels cozy

2. Thanksgiving Day with Your In-Laws

Box of Chocolates

Whether you’ve been a part of the family for years or will be meeting your significant other’s parents for the first time at Thanksgiving dinner, you shouldn’t show up empty-handed. Show your in-laws how much you appreciate their warm welcome with an elegantly tasteful host or hostess gift.

  1. A beautifully festive floral centerpiece or arrangement, featuring a keepsake container
  2. A set of whiskey stones and bottle of their favorite spirits
  3. An expense bottle of wine along with a fancy wine opener or aerator
  4. Gourmet chocolates in a pretty box
  5. High-quality cheese knives or serving utensils
  6. A set of stemless wine goblets
  7. An essential oil diffuser paired with their favorite scent

3. Thanksgiving Day with Your Family

Fabulous Fall Flowers in a Vase

If you’re heading to your parents’ home or to your grandparents’ house for Thanksgiving dinner, you still shouldn’t come without a gift to show your appreciation. Since these are your family, you can feel free to get a little more personal with gift ideas, making selections that they’ll be sure to love. You can also bring items that’ll help the day pass more pleasantly, too!

  1. Activities, games, or craft projects for the children
  2. Toys to keep pets occupied
  3. Flowers that have already been trimmed and arranged into a stunning celebratory design
  4. A set of holiday cookie cutters
  5. A few bottles of sparkling cider, so the little ones and those avoiding alcohol have something festive for toasts
  6. A homemade pecan or pumpkin pie in a festive keepsake pie plate
  7. A set of DIY coasters, labeled with all the reasons you’re thankful for your family

Stop by our Showroom for Personalized Suggestions and Arrangements

If you’re still not sure what you should bring your host or hostess to show your appreciation, we always recommend lovely festive floral arrangements or potted plants because you can never go wrong with flowers! At Boyd’s Flowers, our expert florists can help you select the perfect flowers, arrangements, and centerpieces for the special someone hosting your Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving dinner. Stop by today!