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Posted by Chuck Boyd on July 9, 2018 Flowers Uncategorized

Caring For Your New Flowers

So you’ve got some new flowers at home, now what? Aside from sitting back and enjoying them, you’ll probably be interested in extending their life for as long as possible. Every wants to be a good flower parent, and to get as much out of the beauty of those blossoms as possible. That’s where Boyd’s Flowers’ best tips for floral care come in.

When you bring home something like our Sunny Day, the thought of those bright beauties fading and wilting seems more than tragic. Don’t worry; with a little know-how, you can keep them going for as long as possible, which is between 5-7 days.

  • Change the water often. In fact, when you change it out every other day or so, go ahead and wash that container, especially if it’s looking icky.
  • But hopefully it won’t be, because you’ll be using the flower food that comes along with your arrangement, or picking up some on your own. Flower food is essentially a preservative that maintains the health of your arrangement by balancing the pH level of the water and keeping bacteria at bay. Other things that will help? Making sure no leaves fall below the water line and keeping flowers away from fresh fruit, which emits a gas that can accelerate the wilting of flowers.
  • Speaking of wilting, never keep your flowers by a heating or cooling vent. In fact, try to find a nice, temperate spot with a little bit of sunshine for your floral arrangement.