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Balance For Better On International Women’s Day

By Chuck Boyd on March 4, 2019 in Community Events, Floral Design, Flower Gifts, Flowers, Gifts, Uncategorized. 0 Comments

This month we celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, a day when women across the globe come together to honor and support one another in the fight for gender parity and equality. This year, the movement's theme is Balance for Better, meaning, create more gender balance, better the world. The women you know in leadership positions or other positions of influence, like teachers, mentors and administrators all play a role in this global movement. Choose balance for better on International Women's Day. The floral designers at Boyd's Flowers are happy to help you celebrate the women in your life with a beautiful bouquet of her favorite flowers. Read More about Balance For Better On International Women’s Day

Artistic New Floral Trends

By Chuck Boyd on February 15, 2019 in Floral Design, Flower Gifts, Flowers, Roses. 0 Comments

Some artistic new floral trends are coming on the scene this year now that the 2019 Floral Trend Forecast has been announced. We are very excited about what we will be seeing this year! One of our favorite new looks, Ethereal Bliss, gains inspiration from beyond this world and features a minimalistic design scheme of gender-neutral pinks, deep brown base tones and plenty of warm natural textures like wood grain, marble and leather. The mythical elegance you’ll find in these pieces will leave you feeling as dreamy and happy as you are intuitive. Boyd's Flowers is presenting our Ethereal Bliss designs this season knowing you'll find this on-trend look perfect for your light, airy style. Read More about Artistic New Floral Trends

Classic Valentine’s Day Designs

By Chuck Boyd on January 21, 2019 in Floral Design, Flower Gifts, Flowers, Gifts, Holidays, Roses, Valentine's Day. 0 Comments

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and that means it’s time for beautiful heart-shaped cards, boxes of chocolates, stuffed animals and, of course, flowers! While sending red roses is a classic show of love, we at Boyd's Flowers believe that a little creativity doesn’t hurt, either. Show off your artistic side with a bouquet that’s a little less than traditional and a little more your personality. Beautiful design and unique thoughtfulness can bring even more meaning to your gift on this romantic occasion.  Read More about Classic Valentine’s Day Designs

Energize Your Life With Living Coral

By Chuck Boyd on January 7, 2019 in Daisies, Floral Design, Flower Gifts, Flowers, Gifts. 0 Comments

The newest color on the scene this year is Living Coral, the color of the year for 2019. This vibrant color enlivens every room with its sociable and spirited nature. When you surround yourself with bright cheerful colors like Living Coral and shades like it, you can energize your life. While we'll be seeing these hues in everything from fashion to entertainment to home decor, the floral experts at Boyd's Flowers suggest the quickest and easiest way to include this gorgeous shade in your world is with flowers. Read More about Energize Your Life With Living Coral

Renew and Refresh for the New Year

By Chuck Boyd on December 26, 2018 in Floral Design, Flowers, Holidays. 0 Comments

The New Year is approaching rapidly, a time for making healthy changes as we renew and refresh ourselves moving forward. Create a healthier environment for yourself or loved ones by surrounding yourself with gorgeous flowers. The floral experts at Boyd's Flowers can show you why this is not only beautiful and inviting, it's actually good for your well-being. Flowers boost creativity. Looking at beautiful colors, especially your favorite hues, is known to increase creative thought and ingenuity. Place your favorite colored blooms near your work area to open your mind each day. Flowers clean the air. Plants and flowers naturally take in toxins in the air that we don't need to breathe. Studies have shown that sitting in a room with flowers or plants nearby can reduce or eliminate headaches, congestion and other cold symptoms. Let a beautiful bouquet of flowers freshen and purify the air you breathe. Flowers reduce stress. It's been proven that viewing the color green can have a calming affect on people. Let the gorgeous foliage that accents your favorite flowers act as a stress-reducer and find yourself in a calmer frame of mind this new year. Read More about Renew and Refresh for the New Year

Top Tablescapes For Fall

By Chuck Boyd on October 28, 2018 in Fall, Floral Design. 0 Comments

As we move into the fall season, it’s time to start thinking about your decorating and entertaining goals this season. Planning a beautiful evening starts with a stunning table, and the design experts at Boyd’s Flowers have some fabulous ideas for your decor this season. Accent your floral centerpiece with pieces of fall’s natural beauty. Include pine cones, gourds of different shapes and sizes, or acorns and berries for a rustic autumn look. Scatter candles in all shapes and sizes across your tablescape for lighting that can’t be beat. Tall, short, wide, thin… the possibilities are endless. Use a common color for a more dramatic effect. Choose a neutral base color that allows you to highlight fall colors across your table. Soothing gray or creamy beige are a great foundation for rusted oranges or spicy plum hues. Read More about Top Tablescapes For Fall

Let Your Creativity Shine This February

By Chuck Boyd on February 12, 2018 in Floral Design, Flowers. 0 Comments

February is creative romance month, and our professional florists at Boyd's Flowers are excited to help you celebrate on Valentine's Day and throughout the month with uniquely designed bouquets, floral arrangements, and potted plants that will grow in your loved one's heart forever. This month, we encourage you to celebrate your romance with non-traditional designs and blossoms that will speak directly to your special someone's individual personality and style. Though red roses are the traditional choice for romantic love, we have a wide variety of beautiful blooms to convey your feelings of love and passion. Read More about Let Your Creativity Shine This February

Pantone’s Color Of The Year Is Blooming

By Chuck Boyd on January 21, 2018 in Floral Design, Flowers. 0 Comments

Pantone recently named Ultra Violet its official 2018 Color of the Year, and our flower experts at Boyd's Flowers could not be more excited because Pantone's 2018 Color of the Year is already blooming all over our shop! Pantone describes the many diverse moods and symbolic meanings of its 2018 Color of the Year, Ultra Violet, as creative, unique, inspiring, meditative and contemplative, peaceful, empowering, spiritual, and mysterious. Ultra Violet is a color that will accelerate us into our diverse futures while helping us keep sight on and achieve all of our goals. Read More about Pantone’s Color Of The Year Is Blooming

Bring The Outdoors In This Winter

By Chuck Boyd on December 22, 2017 in Floral Design, Flowers. 0 Comments

One of the best ways to beat the winter blues is to add some fresh flowers to your life. Studies show that being around them improves mental clarity and contributes to a positive outlook. They clean the air, set the mood and give you something pretty to look at. During winter, and especially around the holidays, we may be stressed and fatigued. Given the many benefits of flowers, picking up an arrangement or two for your desk at work and the table at home is just good sense, or so we say here at Boyd's Flowers. Read More about Bring The Outdoors In This Winter