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Deliver Some Health Through Flowers

Among the many reasons to give someone who is under the weather flowers, there's the fact that they actually improve recovery. Studies point to the incredible benefits patients in hospitals enjoy if they have flowers or potted plants in their room, including higher levels of oxygenation, less use of pain medication and lower blood pressure overall. Compared to their counterparts, these patients enjoy all of the effects flowers can have on our well being. We here at Boyd's Flowers believe in the power of flowers to both make people happy and help them stay healthy. Read More about Deliver Some Health Through Flowers »
Posted by Chuck Boyd on December 26, 2017 | Last Updated: December 29, 2017 Flowers Get Well

Get Well Bouquets and Arrangements

No one likes getting sick, but in this season of sniffles, coughs, colds and maybe even more severe ailments, one sure way to lift someone’s spirits is with beautiful get well bouquets from Boyd’s Flowers. Sickness or hospitalization can be a very difficult time for people. Many times a positive attitude can be the best remedy when someone is feeling under the weather. Beautiful bright blooms, cheerful colors, and creative arrangements can be just the thing to brighten someone’s day and set them on the road to a healthy recovery. Read More about Get Well Bouquets and Arrangements »
Posted by Chuck Boyd on January 3, 2017 Floral Design Flowers Get Well