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Patriotic Memorial Wreaths

The holidays are a wonderful opportunity to spend time with friends, family and loved ones. For some, however, the memory of a lost loved one or fallen veteran can make the season difficult to go through. One way to focus on these individuals is by participating in a wreath-laying ceremony like the Wreaths Across America program at Arlington National Cemetery, in which family members honor fallen heroes by placing wreaths on their grave sites. If you don't have an existing ceremony in your community, consider starting one or simply conducting your own private ceremony for family and friends. The floral designers at Boyd's Flowers have created a gorgeous line of holiday and memorial wreaths for your choosing. Read More about Patriotic Memorial Wreaths »
Posted by Chuck Boyd on December 10, 2018 Christmas Holidays Wreaths

One-of-a-Kind Holiday Crafts

Holiday decorating is an exciting event that ushers in the upcoming season. Not only is it fun to set out traditional family favorites, but it’s a great time for a do-it-yourself craft your family will love. Let kids help you create one-of-a-kind Christmas Tree Place Cards from Christmas tree limbs and sprigs of greenery for a delightfully unique table setting. Children will be delighted to display their own creations and your guests will thrill over the unique look. Your new holiday place cards will look amazing alongside some of the beautiful ornaments featured in the holiday collection at Boyd’s Flowers this year. Read More about One-of-a-Kind Holiday Crafts »
Posted by Chuck Boyd on December 2, 2018 Christmas Flowers Gifts Holidays Roses

Ornamental Holiday Centerpiece

Bring the lightness and brightness of holiday cheer into your home this season with a gorgeous Christmas ornament, holiday wreath or classic boxwood tree. The designs you include in your holiday decorating scheme will add a fresh, happy vibe to your overall look. The best-selling holiday collection at Boyd’s Flowers is brimming with gorgeous, authentic items to refresh your holiday decor or to send to loved ones as gifts. Read More about Ornamental Holiday Centerpiece »
Posted by Chuck Boyd on November 26, 2018 Christmas Gifts Holidays

Fresh Holiday Gifts From Our Guide

We're happy to bring you our Holiday Gift Guide, which offers everyone on your gift list something special. This year, we're emphasizing the traditional florals and greens of the season, pulling in the bright, merry blooms and natural accents that make holiday flowers feel so special. Texture, color and fragrance are highlighted during this time of year, and there are as many formal designs as there are informal ones. We here at Boyd's Flowers have added candles, ribbons and a few candy canes for good measure, so there's no wrapping required on your part! Read More about Fresh Holiday Gifts From Our Guide »
Posted by Chuck Boyd on December 8, 2017 | Last Updated: December 13, 2017 Christmas Holidays Wreaths

Secret Santa Gifts They Wished For

How can you win Secret Santa this year? Let us at Boyd's Flowers show you. To be fair, Secret Santa isn't something you can win. This holiday gift swap is tailor-made for big groups who want everyone in them to get a holiday gift without breaking the bank to make that happen. It's also loads of fun to play, with the anticipation building right up until the time when the gift swap happens. Since the giving is anonymous and based upon a blind draw of names, everyone gets to both be a Secret Santa and a surprised recipient. Read More about Secret Santa Gifts They Wished For »
Posted by Chuck Boyd on December 1, 2017 Christmas

Wreaths for the Office

That old chestnut, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression," has never been more true than during the holidays at your workplace. It's a busy time for everyone - customers and clients are no different than you and your colleagues in that respect. There's gift-buying and socializing to do, along with planning, wrapping, cooking and attending holiday programs and shows. Despite it all, we're filled with excitement and happiness, looking forward to a holiday filled with friends and family. We try to spread the love and the cheer. One place we don't want to overlook doing that is at the office. Read More about Wreaths for the Office »
Posted by Chuck Boyd on November 17, 2017 Christmas Holidays Wreaths

Beautiful Secret Santa Gifts – Delivered!

If you are a part of a Secret Santa exchange this year, you may be wondering what to give that will be creative, unique and memorable. This year, instead of walking the aisles of the superstore looking for the perfect gift, let Boyd's Flowers offer some suggestions. Flowers make great Christmas gifts, for many reasons - not the least of which being that they make people happy! The fun of the Secret Santa lies in the surprise and the anonymity - and Boyd's Flowers can definitely help with that! After you make your selection, give us a call - we'll make sure that your Secret Santa gifts are delivered on time, and undercover. You won't be revealed until you want to.  Read More about Beautiful Secret Santa Gifts – Delivered! »
Posted by Chuck Boyd on December 6, 2016 | Last Updated: December 9, 2016 Christmas

The Poinsettia – Give a Christmas Classic

Every year, you’ll find the poinsettia’s vivid, star-shaped leaves being used as decor in virtually every venue in town - from church services to hotel lobbies. The poinsettia is one of the surest indications that Christmas has arrived, and the annual sales support that fact – during the holidays, more than $200 million worth of poinsettias will be sold. There are about 100 different species of the popular plant, and although they come in many colors ranging from white to pink and yellow, the scarlet hue is the most recognizable.  If you are looking for beautiful poinsettias decorated for the holidays, look no further than Boyd's Flowers.  Read More about The Poinsettia – Give a Christmas Classic »
Posted by Chuck Boyd on November 25, 2016 | Last Updated: November 29, 2016 Christmas

Deck the Halls – Seasonal Decorating

Whether looking to decorate your home or office, dressing up your space for the holidays is a festive way to celebrate the season. From wreaths on the front door to centerpieces at the employee Christmas dinner, there are many ways to infuse the spirit of the holidays into your ambiance. When it comes to seasonal decorating, you can trust the expert designers at Boyd's Flowers to deliver gorgeous results. Read More about Deck the Halls – Seasonal Decorating »
Posted by Chuck Boyd on November 3, 2016 | Last Updated: November 23, 2016 Christmas Floral Design