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Posted by Chuck Boyd on June 8, 2017 | Last Updated: June 11, 2017 Wedding

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If you are planning a June wedding – or got married in June in the past – you are in good company! More couples are married in June than any other month, inspiring those in the industry to name it the official Wedding Month. At Boyd’s Flowers, we are committing to making all of our couple’s wedding days as special and unique as they are, no matter which month they get married.

Did You Know? Ancient Romans almost always got married during the month of June, which is named after their goddess Juno. The deity was thought to be the protector of women, especially those getting married, and performing the ceremony during this month was believed to be good luck.

Which flowers do you love for wedding bouquets? Many flowers are not only beautiful but they have deep significance and meaning. For instance, the calla lily, known for its trumpet-shaped blossom and long stems, means “magnificent beauty,”. Available in a multitude of colors from cream, pink and yellow to deep oranges and purples, the clean lines of the calla lily provide a stately and elegant look. Calla lilies are also the official flowers of your 6th anniversary.

Or perhaps a peony is more your style. The full, lavish bloom is regarded as a symbol of good fortune and a happy marriage. The generous bloom is a favorite among brides and is also the official representative of 12th wedding anniversaries. Other popular wedding flowers which represent anniversaries are sunflowers (3rd), daisies (5th), and roses (15th).

Celebrating a Special Anniversary?
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Whichever flowers you choose to communicate your love for one another, trust the floral experts that Wilmington brides have trusted for years – Boyd’s Flowers.