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Posted by Chuck Boyd on January 5, 2016 | Last Updated: February 18, 2021 Plants

Celebrate Houseplants in January

As the glow of the holiday season fades, and we greet the New Year, many of us must bundle up for the long haul of winter. With the promise of spring so far away, January is the perfect time to look indoors to your houseplants for a little green inspiration. Houseplant Appreciation Day is January 10th, and it’s an ideal holiday for bringing a new houseplant into your home from Boyd’s in Wilmington.

Renew, Refresh, and Reinvigorate Your Plants

It’ll be a few months before the tulips start appearing in the lawn and the leaves begin sprouting on tree branches, and the best place to find something green is with a houseplant, such as the peace lily plant.

These plants look gorgeous when placed under a window, especially when their large white blooms appear at the top. Also known as a “spathiphyllum,” a peace lily requires only minimal care, yet it gives so much life to your home’s d├ęcor.

If you already have some plants around your home, you might spend January 10th taking a look at each plant to see if a new pot might be in order. It’s also a great time to remove old leaves and freshen the soil in the pot or basket.

houseplant appreciation

Peace Lily Plant

houseplant appreciation

Angle Dish Garden

Potted Plants are Perfect for “Newbies”

Some people gravitate toward plants and grow amazing gardens of roses and perennials, but not everyone has a “green thumb.” A houseplant is the perfect way to introduce some plant life into your home that doesn’t require constant care and worry.

You might choose a large plant that might be described as an indoor tree, like a ficus plant, or you might think about a little garden that features a variety of small green plants. An angel dish garden is a lovely gift for a friend, and it’s also an extra-easy way to decorate your home.

Indoor plants like orchids do well in spaces like bathrooms while little dish gardens are ideal for a well-lit side table or a spot near a window. All you need to do is water the plant once a week, and it will grow happily under the window.

Houseplant Appreciation Day is the perfect time to welcome spring into your home a little earlier than expected. Celebrate the start of 2016 with a beautiful new plant for your home, or surprise a friend with a lush plant during a visit or winter birthday celebration.