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Posted by Chuck Boyd on January 8, 2015 | Last Updated: February 18, 2021 Plants

Celebrate National Houseplant Appreciation Day

National Houseplant Appreciation Day is quickly approaching to remind people everywhere about the importance of cultivating some indoor plants. Inside plants not only help to add to light and color into the home, but they can also help clean the inside air and improve the health of everyone. Since the holiday falls in the middle of January, much of the country receives this timely reminder during the time of the year when they are stuck inside and do not see many flowers outside. Those interested in decorating their homes for this holiday may find the following plant options from us at Boyds Flowers to be excellent choices.


Orchids have become immensely popular flowers in recent years thanks to their unique look and rich color. These houseplants tend to be quite unique in appearance and there are thousands of different types of orchids, making it easy to find orchids that perfectly match what the buyer had in mind. For an easy houseplant, consider buying a small, colorful orchid that can sit on a windowsill or bookshelf and light up the room.

Green plants

Houseplant collections always need a green plant that will help add the rich colors of life and the outdoors. Look for a dish garden that offers variety and beauty in a compact space. These plants can be placed nearly anywhere, from a fireplace mantel to a counter to an entranceway. Green plants can also be excellent gifts for people who will be guests in others’ homes around the holiday.

Peace lily

Peace lilies are immensely popular flowers for a reason. Their simply beauty adds elegance to any room that they grace. Their dark green and shiny leaves will be very beneficial for those who seek cleaner air inside their homes while the white blooms will perfectly match nearly any decor. Use these flowers in the main entrance-way to the home, around a fireplace, or around other points of interest in the residence. They will look spectacular no matter where they are placed.

National Houseplant Appreciation Day is here to remind everyone about the value of including some living plants in the interior decor. From the beauty and color they offer to their ability to help clean and purify the air, countless people find indoor plants to be uplifting and beneficial. Those interested in adding a few to their decor should consider the above options and search for the perfect blooms for their residence.