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Posted by Chuck Boyd on August 2, 2019 | Last Updated: August 6, 2019 Floral Design Flower Gifts Gifts Grandparent's Day Plants

Celebrating Family Ties On Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day is approaching on the first Sunday after Labor Day. We have a few suggestions to make it an even more meaningful occasion for grandchildren and grandparents alike!

Let Boyd’s Flowers send a beautiful bouquet or long-lasting plant design to the grands specifically from their grandchildren. We are proud to extend our delivery service included with our arrangements across the nation as well as to local residents, and also to retirement homes and senior living facilities in the Wilmington area. Plus, the creative minds at Boyd’s Flowers have put together some ideas for spending time together with grandparents and letting grandchildren learn more about where they came from, while grandparents learn more about where their family is going.

Send Gorgeous Blooms

Grandparents will love receiving our Floral Brightness  design from their grandkids! Bright roses, daisy pompons, red carnations and purple statice arrive in a clear glass vase for a colorful way to show love and gratitude.

Our beautiful Meadow Memories brings the natural beauty of wildflowers straight to grandparents. Nestled in a resin log container, these orange roses, yellow daisies, blue thistle and red hypericum berries are accented with plenty of lush, wild greenery.


Our bright and colorful Ceramic Dish Garden is a growing gift offering a variety of fresh green plants accented with cut flowers for a splash of color.

Coupon Book 

A fun way to make connections, not just on Grandparents Day but throughout the year, is with a coupon book. Let children decide what little blessings they will add to the coupon book: anything from a free hug to mowing the lawn to baking cookies together during the holidays. Let grandparents know their coupons can be redeemed at any time.

Tea Party 

Throw a tea party with grandparents and grandchildren. Let them dress up in feather boas, fancy hats and gloves, and serve high tea on fancy china. Or, if fancy is not your family’s personality, think about the Mad Hatter and serve something silly and whimsical like funny colored cookies with crazy hats for this silly day.

Baking Day 

Baking day is a great time for children and grandparents to bond. Leave them alone for a few hours and see if your children might be able to learn Grandma‘s famous oatmeal cookie recipe! 

Grandparents Day is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the important contribution grandparents make in their extended families. Send flowers or lasting plants as a token of your love and appreciation. For more great ideas about Grandparents Day, talk to our designers at Boyd’s Flowers. We will be happy to help you make this Grandparents Day the best one yet!