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Posted by Chuck Boyd on March 11, 2017 | Last Updated: March 14, 2017 Birthdays Daisies Floral Design Flowers

Cheerful Daisies for April Birthdays

cheerful daisies

The daisy represents innocence¬†and purity and is one of the most cheerful flowers we know. But there is more to this “simple” flower than meets the eye. From its complex structure to its extensive family, the daisy is one interesting plant! It is also the birth flower of April, so once you read a bit about this incredible flower, give Boyd’s Flowers a call – we’ll make sure all your loved ones celebrating in April will get a gorgeous bouquet to remind them of how unique they are.

How May Flowers Do You See? The daisy is actually a “composite flower” – that means that it is not one flower, but many, and each individual flower is called a floret. The ray florets are most often considered petals, while the tubular center florets make up the colorful disk in the middle.¬†

cheerful daisiesCheerful daisies are part of a very large family – over 23,000 varieties to be exact. The common white and yellow bloom is an English daisy, but other popular varieties are the Shasta, Marguerite, and Gerbera. The gerbera daisy the most popular for florists to use in floral designs, for many reasons. The first is its large, colorful head, which can be yellow, red, pink, orange, or even multi-colored! These daisies have sturdy stems and last for a long time once they are cut, meaning they are a wonderful choice for bouquets. And unlike their more common cousins, the gerbera variety do not close up in the evening.

Are You Hungry? The daisy is completely edible and is often used in salads, soups, sandwiches, and even teas. In liquid form, the daisy extract is known to calm coughing and ease digestion issues.

The floral design experts at Boyd’s Flowers know exactly how to arrange the perfect April birthday bouquet for your loved ones – whether you prefer a bunch of daisies, or a mixed display featuring many spring flowers. Recognized as one of the Top 50 Florists in America, there really is only one place to call in Wilmington – we look forward to working with you!