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Posted by Chuck Boyd on May 6, 2016 | Last Updated: February 18, 2021 Birthdays

Choosing Green for May Birthdays

may birthdaysEvery month has its own gemstone to celebrate and embody the personality and meaning of the season. Since May is the centerpiece of spring, it is only fitting that its birthstone would be the emerald. The jewel represents rebirth, youth, and renewal. The emerald showcases a beautiful vibrant green color, found in nature this time of year through the new leaves on the trees and plants and flowers in bloom. Although emeralds may not be the most practical gift to give you your loved ones celebrating this May, Boyd’s Flowers can help you create a birthstone-inspired bouquet that will make a striking impression.

Emeralds have long been admired and coveted for their deep green magnificence, and their true beauty is truly rare. In fact, although mined in nearly 30 countries, most emeralds are not brought to market until their clarity and color have been improved upon by man’s efforts. Not so the green flowers available from Boyd’s, whose natural beauty shines through. From green spider mums to green cymbidium orchids, nature has given us floral green jewels suitable for all your May celebrants.

You may be surprised to hear that roses, lilies, and carnations also grow in shades of green; and although green is not the most common shade for fresh flowers, they can join with other blooms to create a chic and vibrant spring bouquet that perfectly symbolizes the emerald. If you wish to go with a more traditional “emerald” gift, you can choose from our selection of potted plants and trees or dish gardens rich in the verdant shade.

For May birthdays or any other May occasion you may wish to observe this month, Boyd’s Flowers is your one-stop gift shop. Stop in today and order the perfect gift!