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Boyds Flowers

Posted by Chuck Boyd on June 17, 2016 | Last Updated: October 2, 2020 Summer

Colorful Beauty of Summer Flowers

summer flowersSummertime is all about being outside and enjoying nature. With longer and brighter days stretching ahead of us, and the promise of balmy evenings, the outdoors beckons during this season. From early-morning breakfast on the patio with family to backyard barbecues with the neighbors, we love being out there! If this is you, consider adding some of the most popular summer flowers to your favorite area, surrounding yourself with all the colorful beauty of summer.

summer flowersThere is no lack of color this time of year. From our wardrobes to our home décor, we choose bright hues and vibrant accents – because there is nothing boring or muted about summer! The same goes for the iconic summer flowers – there is nothing drab about the vivid colors that these blooms arrive in, and expertly crafted wildflower bouquets are an easy yet dramatic way to transform your deck into an oasis.

Daisies and zinnias grow naturally in the wild or your garden and are considered some of the most popular, representative flowers of summer. Other blooms that are well loved during this time of year are gladioli, petunias, and hydrangea. Of course, there may be no more profound way to bring a bit of summer to any gathering than by adding the beloved sunflower, which is the unofficial ambassador to all things sunny and summer! There is no way that the mood can’t get just a little more cheerful when the sunflower is present.

summer flowersThe expert designers at Boyd’s Flowers are well trained in cultivating arrangements that will transform any space into a summer sanctuary. Come in today to learn more about how to create a summertime arrangement that will represent everything you love about this season, and will bring that joy and beauty to any party or gathering you may be planning. Happy Summer, Wilmington!