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Posted by Chuck Boyd on May 25, 2016 | Last Updated: September 24, 2020 Flowers

Create Tropical Floral Getaways with Exotic Flowers

exotic flowersIs a tropical getaway on your mind this season? We all wish we could hop on a plane and arrive someplace where the sun is always shining, the palm trees are swaying, and the water is crystal clear – however, many of us will not be able to make that trip this summer. If your vacation time is limited, but you still want to immerse yourself in that carefree ambiance, we suggest bringing the stunning beauty of the tropics into your space, with the help of the floral designers here at Boyd’s.

Creating a relaxing tropical vibe in your home is easy – just add some of the striking foliage of the rain forest! Exotic plants have a unique look, showcasing vibrant and bold hues, perfect for creating that feeling of being in paradise. Some of our favorites include the instantly recognizable bird of paradise and spindly protea blossom, both of which can be found in the stunning Call of the Tropics bouquet. All the exquisite beauty of a beachfront oasis is embodied in this arrangement, and by adding these flowers to your summertime barbecues and parties, you can channel the ambiance of the carefree island lifestyle.

exotic flowers exotic flowers

Orchids are another rare gift of nature from the tropical regions of the globe. This sought after flower represents love, beauty, and strength – but more than this, it brings a quiet luxury to any home or office. Orchids are cultivated in thousands of species, but the most common in the floral industry is the dendrobium orchid (often used to create leis) and the phalaenopsis orchid, which is often potted and sold for home décor. The orchids cover a wide range of colors, with the purple, white and green being the most common in tropical displays.

Although an exotic vacation may not be possible this year, allow Boyd’s to help you recreate a little bit of paradise right at home – then sit back, relax and enjoy your tropical getaway in your backyard.