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Posted by Chuck Boyd on October 20, 2015 | Last Updated: October 2, 2020 Halloween

Decorate Your Home for Halloween with Fall Flower Arrangements and Plants

As we watch the trees go through their colorful cycle before they lose all of their leaves, we feel the warmth of fall through the earthiness of the colors. If you’re like us, you start to get into the mood for Halloween decorating the moment you see or hear about pumpkins for sale.

One of our favorite family activities is carving pumpkins and creating Jack-O-Lanterns. We love to place the pumpkins on our porch or front walkway where others can see our crafty efforts. The colors of autumn are so beautiful that we can’t think of a better way to get into the mood for Halloween than by warming our homes up with fall flower arrangements or flowering plants.

We’re not sure who brought the Halloween tradition to America or when it came here. It may not be an American original, but it’s definitely spread across the country as a fun holiday for kids. Halloween started as a Celtic Pagan festival that was celebrated in the British Isles long before Christianity entered England.

The Celtic name for the occasion was Samhain. It was a celebration of the end of the year harvest and the start of a new year. It’s possible that the Celts found inspiration in the Ancient Roman celebration in honor of the Goddess Pomona who oversaw fruit and trees.

After Christianity spread through Europe and made its way to England, the Church tried to squash all Pagan rituals because they thought they were bad. Rather than ban celebrations, the Church leaders in England took over the Pagan observances and Incorporated them into Christianity and its holidays, festivals and celebrations.

The Church Calendar recognizes November 1st as the Feast of All Saints. It’s commonly referred to as All Saints’ Day. The next day, November 2nd is known as All Souls’ Day. The timing was perfect. Samhain, which may have been celebrated at the end of October, became All Hallows Eve. The name was eventually simplified and turned into Halloween.

Our GOURD*Geous embraces fall in all its glory. We choose yellow and orange flowers and add cattails and real gourds to create a feeling of an arrangement that was just picked or harvested.

If you long for a lush fall garden with earthy flower colors and accents, you’ll love our Autumn Garden Basket. We chose sunflowers, solidaster, roses, and pompoms. We add some statice for an accent and to add texture.

Don’t wait to choose Halloween flower arrangements to use in decorating your house or office, or to send to people as gifts. You can count on Boyd’s Flowers to help you find or create spectacular arrangements that will bring Halloween to life wherever you place them.