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Posted by Chuck Boyd on March 26, 2018 Easter Gifts Holidays Plants

An Easter Basket Like No Other

When you think of Easter, you might think about egg hunts, mountains of chocolate, and bunny rabbits, but Easter also happens to coincide with the start of spring and the most popular time for gardening and cultivating flowers. Boyd’s Flowers of Wilmington will help you choose the most beautiful flowers for your Easter celebration, as well as create incredibly creative displays and springtime baskets for the gardening aficionados in your life.

After you’ve had your fill of chocolate Easter bunnies and egg hunts, you might want to have some fun with the Countryside Gardening Basket, which comes with five gardening tools, a pair of gloves, some small garden plants, and a little watering can. Not only will you have all the tools you need to create a lovely little spring garden, but you’ll also have a few little plants to get things going.

The exact date of Easter varies each year, but you’ll usually see the holiday arrive somewhere at the close of March or the start of April. If you’re a budding gardener, plants you can tend to in the early spring include roses, shrubs, and vegetables. If you plan to start your garden from seeds, you can plant your herbs and vegetables in early April.

Whether Easter brings sunny skies and spring-like weather or winter is still hanging on, an Easter basket filled with green plants and gardening tools will get the spring started in a truly unique way. Boyd’s Flowers will help you create an unforgettable spring with this special basket, as well as provide flowers for your spring parties, Easter celebrations, and everything beautiful that makes spring an incredible season.