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Posted by Chuck Boyd on May 7, 2020 | Last Updated: May 11, 2020 Flowers

Elevate the Beauty of Plants with Hanging Baskets

Mother Nature’s green gifts are coming to life in a spectacular display of color. You can’t wait to grab some beautiful blooming plants but worry where you will put them, but there’s a simple solution. Placing your plants in hanging baskets not only elevates their beauty to a more noticeable eye-level, but they also don’t take up any floor or counter space. Here at Boyd’s Flowers, we love all things green and blooming, which is why we’ve put together a few tips on the hanging baskets

What Is a Hanging Basket?

Hanging baskets are plants that suspend from either the ceiling or the top of a porch or even from a tree branch in your backyard. They are a fun and stylish way of displaying flowering or lush green plants in a way that takes up very little space. Plus, each hanging baskets can be as different or similar to each other as you want, allowing you a great deal of creativity. You choose the type of container, plant, and hanging material –  there’s a lot of decorative versatility in how you want your hanging basket to look, which makes it a perfect extension of your brand of style.

Cool Indoor Hanging Baskets

From gold chains to wire or even macrame, the material you choose for your hanging basket is just one component. The container, too, could be geometric in shape or round, made of leather, plastic, or ceramic, and then the plant itself makes a statement too. Regardless of what you choose, you are bringing an air-cleaning, living plant into your home which will not only look great no matter where you place it, but is emotionally and physically healthy for you too.

Cool Outside Hanging Baskets

From decorating a small porch to a large backyard, hanging baskets are great touches of color that make your space feel cozy and welcoming. In your back yard, you can go big! Large iron baskets or large ceramic pots can hold bigger flourishing plants or even multiple kinds of plants to create a dramatic flair. Old birdcages, hanging tires, and unused bicycles have all been used as flowering hanging baskets.

Caring for Your Hanging Baskets

Indoor and outdoor hanging baskets have the same needs: water and fertilizer. For indoor plants, a drainage tray or pan is helpful for preventing water leaking from the pots, as is a long-neck watering can. The air tends to be drier inside homes, so your plants may need extra watering. For outdoor plants, the wind can cause plants to dry out quicker, so just monitor them regularly.

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