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Posted by Chuck Boyd on December 30, 2020 | Last Updated: January 11, 2021 Blue Flowers Flowers

Elevate Your Home Style with a Bouquet of Blue Flowers

Most people think of reds, pinks, yellows, purples, and green when thinking of a floral arrangement. Blue flowers are rare, but that’s what makes them so special! Think blue the next time you’re looking at flowers and discover a whole new world of exciting, mysterious, and elegant blooms. An arrangement of beautiful blue flowers brings instant style and sophistication to any home. Here at Boyd’s Flowers, we love working with blue flowers and have listed our favorites below.

Wonderful Beautiful Blue Flowers


Blue Hydrangea

Blue Hydrangea

Hydrangeas are bountiful, lush, and gorgeous blooms that grow in shades of blue from light to dark. A favorite amongst gardeners and florists, hydrangeas can fill out a garden and an arrangement. Blue hydrangeas symbolize a deep understanding, love, and prosperity.

Blue Delphinium

Blue Delphinium

A great choice when you need a powerful punch of true blue, the blue delphinium is a truly amazing flower. With dense clusters of blue petals packed together created a vertical floral mass, they are perfect for adding vertical angles and colors to an arrangement. Blue delphiniums represent dignity, opportunity, and encouragement for chasing your dreams.

Blue Grape Hyacinth

Grape Hyacinth

Striking in their shape and shades of gradient blue, the Grape Hyacinth in a show stopper and an incredible addition to any arrangement. This beautiful floral represents sincerity, joy, and trust.

Bluestar flowrs in field


Named because of their star-shaped blooms, bluestars are wonderful and cheerful blooms. This pretty blue flower represents steadfastness and affection.

Blue Bellflower against a white background


Dainty, delicate, and beautifully blue, the Bellflower has blooms in the shape of small bells. They grow on long stems which makes them great cut flowers or wonderful additions to arrangements. Bellflowers are associated with reverence and everlasting love.

Blue Asters in a field of green

Blue Aster

In ancient times, the Aster flower was believed to be magical and could drive away harmful spirits. We just love these pretty daisy-shaped blooms for their cheerful quality. The Blue Aster symbolizes love, patience, and wisdom.

Blue and white iris growing on green stem


The Iris flower has a certain regalness to its shape and has been used to symbolize faith, hope, and valor. Blue Irises are quite striking and when together with other blue irises, the effect will take your breath away.

Forget Me Not Flowers


A fun and charming blue flower with a brightly-colored center of orange or yellow, it’s no wonder these flowers were worn by those who wanted to be remembered. Symbolizing dedicated love and loving memories, forget-me-nots are perfect for romantic celebrations.

Blue cornflowers growing


With a vibrant shade of blue, the cornflowers give a wonderful pop of bright blue wherever it’s placed. These stunning, round, bright blue blooms represent hope in love, dedication, and reliability.

Think blue the next time you send flowers to someone, or yourself, and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised and awed by their elegance and vibrancy. Peruse our selection of beautiful florals now to find the perfect arrangement.