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Boyds Flowers

Posted by Chuck Boyd on July 23, 2018 | Last Updated: January 28, 2020 Flowers

Fantasy Trip: Floral Festivals

If you’ve never traveled to a floral destination before, allow¬†Boyd’s Flowers to show you the way. Every spring and summer, many towns, cities and regions celebrate their signature bloom, which is usually at its peak. In North Carolina, it’s azaleas; in Texas, it’s the bluebell. These festivals, events and shows are great opportunities for visitors to engage with local culture and to get to know a place through its most beautiful asset, its flowers. Read on for our top picks for floral destinations you should travel for.

Philadelphia International Flower Show, Pennsylvania

Since 1829, floral enthusiasts (horticulturalists, florists, growers, fans of flowers) have been coming together to host the largest indoor flower show in the U.S. Here you’ll not only see a range of delightful and distinctive flowers but learn about them, too. Prepare to marvel at the variety and to take some home with you, along with a lot of knowledge.

Historic Garden Week, Virginia

Ever wish you could peek into the historic homes and backyards of some of Virginia’s most celebrated old homes? During Garden Week you can. Taking place across the entire state, this is your chance to see some spectacular gardens (more than 40) as well as equally stunning indoor arrangements created by Garden Club of Virginia members.

Rochester Lilac Festival, Rochester, New York

In May, this city showcases this gorgeous purple bloom over the course of ten days. Based in Highland Park, the festival offers parades, activities, cultural events, concerts and even a race. Discover 500 varieties of lilacs, all in peak form.

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