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Posted by Chuck Boyd on August 12, 2018 Flowers Summer Sunflowers

Farm-Fresh Flowers & Their Bees

Did you know that bees are one of our greatest assets in solving the worldwide hunger problem? Not only do they create honey, known for its many medicinal and culinary values, but through their pollination techniques, bees contribute to the growth of 90% of the world’s food sources. It’s safe to say that without bees, we would starve. Unfortunately, the bee population is dwindling- but we can help in very simple ways. Bees need water and shade to work effectively, and they love flowers with bright blooms and simple petals. Boyd’s Flowers recommends adapting a few of these features to your backyard, garden or porch for a beautiful way to watch nature at its best.

A beautiful sample of bee-friendly blooms to include in your backyard landscape or garden is our Sunflower Surprise bouquet. Daisies and sunflowers are some of the most popular among bees. They love the simple single-petal design, as well as the bright colors and easy-access pollen-filled centers.

Bees work hard, and with a few simple adjustments to our outdoor spaces, we can help them along and give them a healthy environment where they can thrive. Talk to the floral experts at Boyd’s Flowers for more tips on maintaining a bee-friendly garden or yard that will be as beautiful as it is functional.