Boyds Flowers

Boyds Flowers

Posted by Chuck Boyd on June 20, 2014 | Last Updated: June 30, 2014 Flowers

It’s Finally Summer! What Flowers You Should Know About This Season!

With the first day of summer fast approaching on June 21, it’s time to start thinking about summer decor that includes blossoming buds. Whether you prefer fresh cut stems or assorted potted plants or flowers, the summer season brings a smorgasbord of seasonal choices.

Not only will flowers and plants turn your home into a rainbow of color by brightening up dull, dark and dreary corners, plants also help purify the air. Along with cleaner air and heightened oxygen levels, well placed plants and flowers create a relaxed ambiance anywhere they are displayed which leads to a stress free environment.

Consider these house plants to start the summer solstice off just right. Each can be grown indoors with the appropriate sun/shade combination or used to decorate sunrooms, balconies, or patios.

  • Aloe plants have several positive attributes such as the capability to soothe burns with its gel, clear pollutants in the air, and monitor air quality.
  • Peace lilies, with their pure white blooms, are happy in shady, cool interiors. Easy to grow in a container, the plant helps reduce toxins in the air.
  • Red-edged Dracaena is a vibrant plant that adds a splash of bright green and pink that enhances any room. The plant also removes toxins for cleaner air.
  • Shamrocks aren’t just for luck. Bright green leaves with fragrant flowers add a touch of magic to your home. Also available with deep purple leaves and small white flowers.

If fresh cut stems are more to your liking, the summer seasons provides every color under the rainbow, as well as assorted sizes, styles and textures. Choose from classic arrangements and small potted flowering plants to tropical beauties and traditional vases to set a theme and tone for your home.

  • Roses are a classic favorite and they don’t have to be just for special events. Let your creativity shine through with a vase arrangement like Rainbow Roses with its assortment of red, yellow, pink and ivory rose buds, to highlight an area plus saturate the air with sweet floral fragrances.
  • Make a statement with a themed approach with an arrangement of sunflowers to honor the summer season.
  • Include tropical flowers like the water hyacinth as a focal point and interesting topic of conversation.
  • Use decorative ceramic shell vases to display hydrangeas evoking summertime at the beach.
  • Create a theme using fresh flowers such as alliums, off-set with hosta, for a light and airy arrangement.