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Boyds Flowers

Posted by Chuck Boyd on October 30, 2013 Uncategorized

Finding Spooky Flowers for Halloween

Halloween has evolved into what it is now, from the ancient Celtic festival called Samhain (pronounced as SOW-an or SOW-in,) a holiday that celebrated the fall harvest. It also honored the perceived connection between living and the dead.

Bonfires were common, and the Gaels believed that the bonfires would bring out insects and bats, both of whom protected them from the ghosts and evil spirits of dead family members or other people they knew.

Costumes were also a part of the celebrations, and Celts dressed up in costumes and wore masks to disguise themselves and to trick the ghosts and spirits into thinking that the townspeople were also spirits. Many of the early Colonists who immigrated to the United States, especially the Southern colonies, brought traditions of their native lands to the New World.

Whether you’re going to a Halloween party, or just getting together with friends for some Halloween fun, a thoughtful way to show someone you care, or to thank them for inviting you to their party is by giving them flowers. What could be more fitting for the occasion than some spooky, Halloween flowers that celebrate the important harvest aspect of fall, while adding a bit of Halloween décor, and protecting you, and those you love, from the wrath ghosts are likely to unleash on you.

Spooktacular is an elegant bouquet of roses and Bird of Paradise stems, beautifully arranged in a cute ceramic crock that looks like an 18th century colonist’s outer coat, complete with belt, and the word EEK painted above a scary spider web. Delicate slippers stick out at the bottom. Send this to someone as a spooky friendship gift, or to an office or college dorm to brighten an office or small apartment or college dorm room.

Show that special person in your life, how much you love them with the “Owl Always Love You” Bouquet, a delightful arrangement of Bird of Paradise stems and accent flowers in an orange ceramic owl mug, bearing the image of a buggy eyed owl whose black eyes are surrounded by yellow. Your loved one will enjoy these long lasting flowers and have a keepsake mug fore remembrance.

Have a little fun with these scary Halloween flower arrangements, whether you use them to startle visitors who come to your home, frighten the host of a Halloween party you attend, or send it to someone as a way to show some spooky love.