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Posted by Chuck Boyd on January 10, 2017 | Last Updated: January 11, 2017 Floral Design Flowers Roses Valentine's Day

Floral Bouquets to Share Your Love

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Valentine’s Day can seem a bit intimidating for some – if not married or engaged, there can be a lot of pressure to buy the roses and the jewelry. While we are big believers in true love, and we see it every day, there are a lot of steps in between “hello” and celebrating a golden anniversary – in fact, there are many steps along this grand adventure! That is why the floral designers at Boyd’s Flowers have made sure that you have plenty of choices to perfectly reflect your relationship this Valentine’s Day – from “just right” bud vases to the most romantic roses and floral bouquets.

If you just met, is it appropriate to get together on Valentine’s Day? We say yes. There is no reason to stay home when there is an interesting new person in your life. You can plan something casual and fun – perhaps coffee, dessert, and conversation. Keep it low-key and low-expectation, and enjoy getting to know someone new – just imagine the story you’ll have to tell one day about your “first date on Valentine’s Day!”

Of course, flowers are the perfect touch no matter your relationship – we suggest a spring bouquet of pastel roses, daisies, or tulips for someone new.

floral bouquetsOf course, for those who have been together a while, roses are always a fantastic choice. Red roses are traditional for the die-hard romantics, but there are other beautiful colors that your sweetheart may love as well! Pink, yellow or white, roses exude all of the love of Valentine’s Day, no matter the color.

This year, Valentine’s Day arrives on a Tuesday, so remember to order your roses, floral bouquets, and gifts early – don’t wait until the weekend is over! Floral experts say that most people actually order Valentine’s Day flowers on February 11 – so make sure your order is into Boyd’s Flowers before that to ensure that you get exactly what you want and beat the rush for delivery!

Love is the adventure- how will you celebrate it?