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Posted by Chuck Boyd on December 27, 2016 | Last Updated: December 31, 2016 Birthdays Floral Design Flowers

Florals to Celebrate the Year in Birthstones

birthstonesWelcome to a brand new year! There is always so much anticipation to see what the year holds, and here at Boyd’s Flowers, we are excited about the many new floral designs we will be able to imagine and create. Each month of the calendar year has its own birthstone associated with it, and our experts love to design birthday floral based upon each stone. When you are to looking to send the most beautiful flowers in Wilmington, just call Boyd’s Florist!

We thought we would give you a head start on your birthday planning, and provide a comprehensive list of the birthstones for each month. You may wish to use this list to create beautiful birthday bouquets that exhibit all the rich colors of these precious gems.
birthstonesPhoto: The perfect sapphire bouquet, with deep blue glass and blue delphinium.

 – The garnet comes in many colors, but it is the red garnet we celebrate this month.
February – The lavender-hued amethyst inspires the usage of purple roses or orchids for bouquets.
March – The aquamarine’s light blue brings a unique aesthetic to florals.
April – The diamond can be celebrated with any flower, just make sure to add the bling!
May  – The iconic emerald’s green color is desired all over the world for its brilliance.
June – The pearl birthstone is beautifully represented with creamy white flowers.
July – The fiery red ruby is not shy about radiating its heat.
August – The peridot is a pale green, and the exotic green cymbidium orchid is the perfect representation.
September – The alluring sapphire is showcased, and blue dendrobium orchids and delphinium prove that the color belongs in the floral world.
October – The shimmering opal’s translucence is best exhibited in romantic pastel vintage roses.
November – Topaz is a bronze color that may not have a floral counterpart, but that can be celebrated with the right vase and accents.
December – The year ends with turquoise, a beautiful choice that stands out for normal holiday colors.

There are many other ways to celebrate birthdays throughout the year. Whatever you consider the perfect bouquet, we have the flowers to help you express your love and affection. Trust the professional designers at Boyd’s Flowers to create a bouquet worthy of the occasion.