Boyds Flowers

Boyds Flowers

Posted by flowermanager on July 2, 2018 Uncategorized

Flowers That Transport You To Someplace Else

Summer is that time when we start turning those vacation fantasies into reality, whether we’re traveling across the globe or just across the country. There’s something so enticing about taking a break from our regular lives in the heat of summer to experience a new place. Even if you haven’t booked a ticket to that destination you’ve always dreamed about, you can fake it in your own home by bringing in flowers that recall another time and place. Boyd’s Flowers designs for every occasion, even the ones that have more to do with the imagination than a specific occasion or event.

Take a trip through the floral designs you introduce into your space. A piece like Heavenly Hamptons, for example, speaks to the easy elegance and luxury of a location that is designed for relaxation and ease. It also happens to be a beautiful, lush spot, with lots of gardens and green everywhere you go. And that’s exactly what this arrangement mimics, with its sprawling snapdragon, fresh-looking Bells of Ireland and pretty pastel blue hydrangea smack dab in the middle.

Since flowers make a strong appeal to the senses, it’s easy to use them to create a sense of place in your home. We bring in flowers to our spaces for all kinds of reasons; this is another one of them.