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There is nothing better than bringing home fresh spring flowers after a long winter. Brighten, uplift, and purify your home this spring with more than a deep clean. Your friends here at Boyd’s Flowers, the finest floral shop in Wilmington, love a good day of sanitizing and organizing everything from your kitchen and bathroom to your bedroom. We also love to put the finishing touches on our spring cleaning to-do list by adding beautiful, relaxing, and mood-boosting blooms to each room. Read our guide to a perfect eco-friendly and refreshing spring clean.

Refresh Your Bathroom

Hard fighting chemicals do a good job at clearing out the drain and pipes in your bathroom, but so does distilled vinegar. Simply pour one cup down the drain to keep your sink and shower clog-free. Speaking of the shower, save your plastic shower curtains and eliminate waste as you save money. Toss both your plastic curtain and cloth curtain in the washing machine, then wipe the plastic down with a towel and hang to dry.

Refresh with Flowers

With a nice and clean bathroom, you also want to freshen it up with some lovely spring florals and green plants. Enhancing your bathroom’s air circulation in addition to providing sweet scents and beautiful pops of color, will bring a smile to your face each time you walk in. Nothing says “spring clean” like a sparkling shower and bright blooms to match.

  • Eucalyptus: A refreshing aroma that mimics mint and pine
  • Peace Lily: Brings serenity and purification to your bathroom
  • Tulips: Lighten and brighten your bathroom decor
  • Carnations: A lovely symbol of purity and luck

Reorganize Your Bedroom

Have you ever heard that an organized closet is the first step to having an organized life? When it comes to getting rid of the clothes, shoes, and accessories you no longer need or want, you also want to ensure you reorganize the miscellaneous items you have in your closet, too. What do you have stuffed in the back corner or on the top shelf that you forgot existed? Once you have everything out, it’s time to reorganize your closet in a way that makes getting ready in the mornings a little easier. Some like to organize by color, season, or with their favorite pieces easily accessible.

Reorganize with Flowers

With fewer things in your closet and bedroom, you now have the space for fresh flowers. While their beauty and scents are highly admired, the best part about having florals and plants in your bedroom is their calming, relaxing, and uplifting effects. If you experience seasonal depression or cabin fever, spring flowers in your bedroom just might be the medicine your doctor hasn’t prescribed.

  • Sunflowers: Spark happiness and warmth
  • Gerbera Daisies: Vibrant and cheerful blooms
  • Daffodils: Uplift and boost your mood
  • Hyacinths: Sweet scents and perfect colors for your bedroom

Refine Your Kitchen

When you think about refining your kitchen, it may not seem like you have a lot of options. However, there is so much possibility for this small space. Spruce it up and make it feel larger by storing small appliances, as well as your spices, in cabinets. Then, bring in canisters and tea towels that show off your personal style or make the kitchen feel a little brighter. These items are not just “decor” but prove to be useful and purposeful. Finally, a hint of color can come from sheer curtains or valances, as these will also allow the natural light to continue to shine through. 

Refine with Flowers

We cannot forget the perfect blooms for your kitchen counters or windowsill. Spring flowers are another easy way to add a pop of color and personality to your kitchen. In addition, these beautiful florals inspire gratitude, elegance, and hominess.

  • Peonies: Add beauty and grace to your kitchen
  • Sweet Peas: A sweet symbol of gratitude and pleasure
  • Hydrangea: Feel calm as well as uplifted
  • Orchids: Symbolize refinement and elegance

Here at Boyd’s Flowers, you are sure to find the perfect arrangements and green plants to help prepare for a relaxing, warm, and vibrant spring. Whether looking to refresh your home with an air-purifying green or boost your mood with a pop of color, we have you covered.