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Boyds Flowers

Posted by Chuck Boyd on June 18, 2018 Flowers Summer

Fresh Summer Food And Fresh Flowers

Are you planning a summer soiree? Something a little more polished than the typical backyard grill-out (nothing against those) or a potluck? You’re speaking our language here at Boyd’s Flowers. It’s wonderful to eat out by the pool, noshing on wings and burgers while still in your towel. But there’s a whole other class of party that we also look forward to in summer. It’s the kind that may require candle or moonlight. The one with wine, gorgeous seasonal salads and a platter of something delicious right in the center of the table. And for those occasions, you’re going to need an equally enticing centerpiece.

Do we call this design¬†Amen because it is the absolute apex of perfection for your summer table? You bet we do. The colors here represent the season, and the sheer variety speaks to its abundance. Sunflowers, daisies, roses and more nest in the center of the table—low enough for everyone to see over, but eye-catching all the same.¬†Lasting centerpiece showcases pink roses and cheerful sunflowers, measures 16

Yes, your dinner should be the main talking point of the evening. The steak delicious, the ceviche sublime. But would it hurt if your flowers were a conversation piece too? Not in our view. Your summer gathering should be a whole experience. A table full of summer’s best flowers complete the vision.