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Posted by Chuck Boyd on September 8, 2015 | Last Updated: October 2, 2020 Flowers Holidays

Giving Flowers for Grandparents Day

grandparents dayGrandparent’s Day is September 13, 2015. What “grand gesture” do you have planned for your grandparents this year?

Grandparents are known for their tireless patience and deep affection. Yes, we know our parents love us, but the love from grandparents has a special quality all its own. It’s a love that is unconditional and without the stresses of daily life. A trip to grandma and grandpa’s house as kids is often full of anticipation, as we know there will be plenty of treats to eat and fun to be had.

Now that you’re all grown up, make sure your grandparents know how much you’ve appreciated them throughout the years. Sending a special gift will show that you’re thinking of them, and flowers are a wonderful way to celebrate Grandparent’s Day. Whether you’ll be joining them for a social event or wish to send a heartfelt gift from across the miles, here are some flower gift ideas to consider:

Stunning Birds of Paradise

The bird of paradise is a gorgeous tropical flower, and in this arrangement, it is truly is stunning. Birds of paradise are known for being dramatic and long-lasting, and in this arrangement, orange birds of paradise soar above a bed of golden accent flowers and assorted foliage. If you want sophistication, style and tropical elegance in a flower arrangement, Stunning Birds is your ideal choice.

grandparents day

Gerber Delight

Gerbera Daisies Will Delight and Inspire

When you send the Gerber Delight bouquet, you’ll be sending the energy of a beautiful day. The gerbera daisy comes in a rainbow of bright colors, and this arrangement is sure to delight and inspire your grandparents. With pink, yellow, red and orange blooms, this flower gift brings with it a symphony of color along with an irreverent spirit.

Paradise is Right At Hand

Another exotic possibility in floral gift giving is the stunning orchid. While there are many varieties of orchid, the Paradise at Hand bouquet is made up of a generous bunch of dendrobium orchids in gorgeous shades of purple and violet. They are delivered in a clear, classic vase and are sure to bring cheer and elegance to your grandparents’ home.

Flowers are a beautiful way to honor our grandparents on Grandparent’s Day, and this “grand” gesture is easy to make. Contact Boyd’s Flowers to find the perfect gift to send to your grandparents on this special day.