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Posted by Chuck Boyd on October 4, 2017 | Last Updated: October 16, 2017 Halloween Holidays

Greet Your Guests with Halloween Florals

Halloween florals

Halloween parties are all the rage these days, from glamorous masquerade affairs to casual gatherings with friends before trick-or-treating. If you’re the host, decorating the house is probably at the top of your planning list, along with creating the menu, putting together a costume and imagining how best to scare your guests. And after you’ve strung the cobwebs and set up the fog machine, pick up some flowers. You’ll want to greet your guests with Halloween florals in addition to the creeptastic effects.

With an arrangement from Boyd’s Flowers that strikes a balance between ghoulish and gorgeous, the scene will be set for a get-together that uses all the decor – living and dead – available during Halloween.

halloween florals

Purple is one of the trifecta of Halloween colors along with black and orange, and it’s in no short supply with this arrangement. Callas add an eccentric vibe to the design when put next to orange roses and fresh greens. Add this piece to your Halloween dining table flanked by candelabra and all manner of goodies, or put it in the entryway so its the first thing they see when they arrive. A haunting arrangement like this works well with the other many sensory elements of Halloween – cider on the stove, piles of candy, flickering candles and moody music.

Invite your guests to escape the Wilmington chill outside and wrap themselves up in a spirited gathering, made even prettier by a bouquet from Boyd’s Flowers.