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Posted by Chuck Boyd on September 6, 2016 | Last Updated: September 16, 2016 Flowers Prom

Homecoming Flowers for the Big Event

homecoming flowers

The tradition of homecoming began as far back as the 19th century. Many schools have made claims that they were responsible for the first modern homecoming, although legend leans towards a 1911 football game at the University of Missouri. The University invited all its alumni back to attend a football game and a parade, starting the tradition. Today high schools and colleges alike still observe the customs associated with the homecoming football game, dances, and parades. At Boyd’s Flowers, we have the homecoming flowers you’ll need to celebrate your local homecoming weekend in style.

Wristlets are the most popular form of corsage these days and come in a variety of styles .Wristlets are homecoming flowers appropriate for any young lady attending the dance, for members of the homecoming court, or even for a group of alumni who want to show their school spirit at the big game! While Boyd’s Flowers has a selection of pre-designed wristlets, we can also create one that represents your school colors, or to match a dress. One of our most popular choices is this classic piece, which features delicate miniature white roses sure to compliment any dress or outfit.

Don’t forget the guys! We can create boutonnieres for the young men of the homecoming court, for the alumni in the stands, or for the lapel of a tuxedo heading to the dance. Homecoming is the perfect time for all the sharp-dressed men to show off their fashion sense.

Another popular seller for homecoming weekend are bouquets, especially for the members of the homecoming court.

A traditional rose bouquet is classic for the Homecoming Court, but we also love our Stargazer Nosegay as an option for each young lady. Often the senior members of the football team are honored at the big game – so a beautiful bouquet for their mother would be a wonderful gesture as well.

Homecoming weekend at all of our Wilmington schools is steeped in rich tradition, and homecoming flowers play a large role in those customs. From matching the perfect dress to congratulating the homecoming queen, Boyd’s Flowers has the bouquets, wristlets and boutonnieres that will add the perfect touch to your school spirit.