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Posted by Chuck Boyd on March 30, 2015 | Last Updated: March 31, 2015 Easter Flowers

How to Send the Best Easter Flowers

Best Easter Flowers in Delaware Easter is an exciting time for flowers because it represents one of the first major holidays where the pinks, whites, and light blues of springtime flowers start blooming in earnest.

Traditional Easter Flowers

The lily is one of the universal symbols of Easter, and you’ll see it in the casual centerpieces at a friend’s Easter brunch, as well as in religious settings like churches. One of the reasons why you’ll often see lilies in vases of Easter flowers is because of their appearance in the Bible.

White lilies are a common feature of Easter bouquets, and you’ll also see lilies in beautiful shades like pink, white, orange, and yellow. If you’re looking to give someone a beautiful and meaningful Easter gift, you might consider an Easter lily plant, which features five or six white blooms on a towering stem.

Did You Know? You can plant the bulbs of your Easter lily in the ground after enjoying the plant in your home! Lilies are perennials and will give you blooms each spring.

If you’d like to branch out from the traditional Easter lily, you can also choose an absolutely gorgeous vase of calla lilies. Think of an elegant arrangement of calla lilies sitting on the sideboard at an Easter brunch. They’re a wonderful complement to delicate baked goods and a traditional tea service.

Easter Flowers and Gifts at Work

Celebrate spring and Easter at work with small gifts for a friend or coworker’s desk like a desktop dish garden given with some homemade chocolate chip cookies. Or, surprise your significant other with a beautiful phalaenopsis orchid in pink.

The great thing about desktop plants and dish gardens is that they’re easy to care for, and they’re a beautiful way to bring the beauty of the spring and summer indoors to an office environment. Chase away the fluorescent lights with pink azaleas and purple hyacinths.

Add some delicious fun to the office with sugar cookies shaped like eggs and rabbits. Cover the cookies in pastel sprinkles, and let everyone in the office feel a little like a kid again. Don’t forget your diabetic and gluten-free coworkers and think about bringing along a vegetable platter.

Easter is a meaningful and traditional holiday for many people, but it’s also a time for celebration through flowers, edible treats, and activities that welcome the arrival of spring. This year, make your Easter gathering beautiful with flowers from Boyd’s Flowers.

Easter Lily Plant

Easter Lily Plant