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Posted by Chuck Boyd on May 21, 2018 Flowers hydrangea Summer

Looking Ahead To Early Summer’s Flower Garden

In summertime there is nothing more refreshing than taking a walk outside, feeling the sun on your face and smelling the scent of summer flowers everywhere you go. Spending a little time in and around nature can truly refresh the senses and rejuvenate you. When your spirits need a lift, try finding a shady spot in a summer garden, lay down a blanket and simply enjoy the beauty around you. The floral designers at Boyd’s Flowers understand the need to be close to flowers. We’re arranging amazing bouquets this summer that will bring the true essence of summer gardens straight to you.

If you’re craving a beautiful lush garden where you can tiptoe through the daisies, take a look at our Gardenwalk arrangement. Our version of a summer garden comes in a sweet basket full of gerber daisies, stargazer lilies and sunflowers. These gorgeous blooms are surrounded by sprawling ivy and other lush greens that reflect the feeling of being in a garden.

Like a walk in the garden, this spectacular display is created with fragrant stargazer lilies, vivd gerber daisies and roses. Design stands 34

Find yourself surrounded by a garden escape with a variety of lush arrangements in our summer collection. Boyd’s Flowers is your trusted source for all your summer floral needs. Let us know what kind of atmosphere you hope to create and let our professional designers do the rest. You’ll be in awe of their artistic ability to bring your ideas to life.