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Posted by Chuck Boyd on October 30, 2017 | Last Updated: October 2, 2020 Fall Flowers

Lush Host Gifts for Fall

This is the giving season, and what better occasion to give than when someone has invited you into their home for an elaborate meal?

Whether or not you’re traveling over hill and dale to enjoy Thanksgiving with family and friends, you’re likely to be attending at least one dinner gathering this season. And rather than arrive empty-handed, show your host or hostess some love with a gorgeous arrangement of flowers. It’s tradition, after all, and we here at Boyd’s Flowers are nothing, if not here to help.

It’s appropriate to have a floral gift sent a day in advance of your visit or a day after. That way, the host isn’t charged with the task of where to place it at the last minute. We like our Tiger Bowl arrangement for a host or hostess gift. Lush with sunflowers, daisies, alstroemeria and hydrangea, this design comes in a keepsake ceramic bowl, so it’s essentially two gifts in one.

A flower gift like this feels generous as if the last of the summer’s blooms have been gathered in one bowl. It’s a lively piece that can be enjoyed as the cold months come on. And it’s a lovely testament to your gratitude for your host’s kindness.

Call on us at Boyd’s Flowers to help you settle on the perfect floral gift for your host or hostess this holiday season.