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Boyds Flowers

Posted by Chuck Boyd on May 23, 2014 | Last Updated: June 30, 2014 Holidays Memorial Day

Memorial Day Flowers, All You Need to Know

Memorial Day has a long history that extends farther back than it’s official roots in the 1970s. According to the History Channel, Memorial Day was originally called Dedication Day and it was a time to remember fallen troops and to honor their memory. Sending flowers to the families of soldiers who have passed away or to veterans in the community is a great way to remember their sacrifices and thank them for their dedication to freedom.

Flowers in Flag Colors

Since the holiday celebrates the fallen troops, it is always appropriate to send flowers that are related to the United States flag. Select a bouquet with red, white and blue flowers. You can write a brief note and have it kept in the bouquet to share your condolences or thank a veteran for his or her service to the country.

Flowers that are selected in the colors of the flag are patriotic, so it is appropriate for the holiday.

Select a Favorite Flower

If you are sending flowers to a loved one who is also a veteran, then you can always focus on his or her favorite flower. Memorial Day is a time to thank those who have gone to war so that the country can remain safe. A favorite flower might not always be an obvious choice, but it is appropriate for Memorial Day.

Consider Red

Even though red flowers are often associated with love and passion, it can also be reminiscent of the bravery of fighting on a battlefield.

Red poppies and artificial red poppy flowers are a traditional choice that started before Memorial Day was made official. If the individual who is receiving the flowers does not like poppies, then opt for a different flower in red.

The color of the flower is as important as the type of flower, particularly if you are trying to honor the troops for their bravery and valor.

Flowers are an excellent gift idea for Memorial Day because it shows how much you appreciate the sacrifices and efforts of soldiers. The best flowers for any individual or to send to the families of deceased soldiers can depend on several factors, so you will want to choose carefully before sending a bouquet.