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Posted by Chuck Boyd on May 19, 2014 | Last Updated: June 30, 2014 Flowers Lilies Spring

All You Need to Know About Lilies

As a fan of the lily (Lilium candidum), you might think you have done all the possible reading and know some of the juiciest tidbits about this world-beloved flower and wedding favorite. This fragrant flower makes many appearances throughout history and adds grace notes to some of the best-known stories.

Of course, you know the basic facts about the lily. True lilies are firm flowers with scaly bulbs and leafy stems that draw gasps of delight on sight. Whether you have caught sight of the prosperous pink, passionate orange, pure white lilies or one of the many offshoot shades, the delight these flowers evoke is powerful.

Behind their beauty, though, linger fascinating tales that add to their layers of beauty. Take a look at a few more facts so you really do know all you need to know about lilies.

  • The lily is known as one of the Marian Flowers, meaning that it was one of the flowers that touched upon the life of Mary, the mother of Christ Other Marian flowers include the rose, the violet, the carnation and the iris. The lily is found in paintings depicting Mary, particularly in the Annunciation.
  • Originally found in the Middle East, in Turkey and Syria among other places, the Romans dedicated the lily to Juno, the queen of heaven, since, according to legend and lore, the lily is a special protector of marriage and women.
  • One legend notes that a lily grew out of the ground where Eve’s tears landed after expelled from Eden.
  • The lily might just work as a way to ward off the effects of depression.
  • Ranked fourth among all the flowers in the world, the lily continues to captivate its fans with its simple purity and gentle appearance.
  • The oil extract from the lily works as a skin softener and healer, so in addition to smelling wonderfully, you can also heal cracked skin.
  • The lily is the traditional flower to exchange for the 30th wedding anniversary.
  • Though gardeners raise lilies from bulbs, the flower can grow from seeds, and most species tend to bloom in July or August, but some lilies have bloomed as late as early autumn.
  • The Easter Lily originated in Taiwan and features trumpet-shaped flowers.

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